i did it alone. i did it broke. i did it tired. i did it scared. We keep moving. (inspirational)

i did it alone. i did it broke. i did it tired. i did it scared. We keep moving. (inspirational)

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  1. I understand unfamiliar, shame, discomfort. Been through the edges of those. I say edges because so many others have been through so much more than I. I love the idea of new, even getting to new and its hard to get there. When you do it alone, broke, scared. You learn how to be enough….you get……stronger, smarter…..
    Renewed, ….better. One finds you can survive…..and thrive.
    This is one powerhouse..,,

  2. These speeches helped me in so many ways. I'm sure it helped a bunch of others too. The suffering only stops when you decide when it stops. Thank you for these snippets. they help a ton.

  3. You never program your mind to never think this and thats from the never program of your mind subconsciously of never higher energy sources and many higher energy sources in your mind to never create your never higher energy functioning minds by Nicholas c seccia

  4. We to only live alone so we to exercise our minds to our most right programs and reminders of minds most right reactions at the most limited energy source minds to never react into to minds reactions of higher energy sources of then .never panicness highs anger highs overrated highs worries fears obsessions panicness highs to never thinking energys of unawareness thinking to always awareness of our thoughts from the most recognition states automatically of our first thing pops in heads by Nicholas c seccia

  5. One thing, they will never take from me is my heart, I'm proud of that, they took everything including my privacy, they dont understand how bad they hurting me, some how some way god will get me through this dark time in my life

  6. I don't know what I am doing, nor what I want to do, or even WHY I do what I do. But one thing I do know is what I DON'T want.
    And until that day comes when we find that WHAT and WHY, we will do everything in our power to keep ourselves from falling into that pit of fears.
    Keep moving forward.

  7. Still not getting your titles. I AM ALONE. I AM broke, I AM TIRED, AND SCARED EVERY DAY. Still doing "it", yet your titles don't cover the topic. Still motivating, but not on point.

  8. I have a big dream.. I want to live the way i have dreamed of. I believe… I strongly believe one day i will accomplish them.. I will stand infront of a lot of people telling them how i succeeded and how happy i am with what i have accomplished.. One day..

  9. lol unless the rest of the species dies suddenly, you arent alone and arent the sole controller of your fate. not sure when humans will get over their god complex and realize we live in a society and are all just little blood cells supposed to be taking care of the earth instead of consuming and destroying it. you have no purpose but that. and the more you deny / prevent that, the more misery you will create until we go extinct. good luck with that