Humans Failed Again…

Humans Failed Again…

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  1. Its too bad to see so many negative people in the world. Its important to understand people who cast judgements or for stigmas around you truly have their own problems within. Only very disturbed people troll for fun.

  2. "those who serve the deceiving sp!r!t of death the devil with human sacrifices are given great wealth and power: let them be banished from our lands for their abominations.. I call the giver of our living breath/soul as my witness against these murderous blind giant demon infested elite tyrants and against their worthless idol god death the sp!r!t of deceit"

  3. Fb deactivated yesterday. Happy I've done it. Will stick to channels I want to follow either here, for now, or start using other platforms. Censorship is ramping up everywhere. Stay strong and well and prepare as best you are able… Physically, emotionally and mentally… I believe we have harsh times coming very soon.

  4. Honestly people that troll online are the worst their words have major impact not just to anyone but also celebrities too , I feel like their should be criminal charges /offences for those really hatred comments even fines something to hold them accountable because this is a good video and good advice but some people struggle with mental health too so you sometimes can’t just brush things off

  5. A social media post is the digital equivalent of standing on a soapbox with a bullhorn in front of all your friends/followers and sharing things nobody asked about in the first place. Then all too often, we don't even respond. We just click a button designating how we felt about it. This isn't socializing. We're just force feeding each other content and clicking on buttons. Yet we still manage to get extremely addicted to it anyway… It's weird.