How video games turn players into storytellers | David Cage

How video games turn players into storytellers | David Cage

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Have you ever watched a film or read a novel, wishing that you could change the narrative to save your favorite character? Game designer David Cage allows you do just that in his video games, where players make decisions that shape an ever-changing plot. In a talk and live demo, Cage presents a scene from his new project, letting the audience control a character’s decisions. “Interactive storytelling can be what cinema was in the 20th century: an art that deeply changes its time,” Cage says.

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  1. Idno seems like going down a predefined rigid path is not exactly telling the players story. Try something with emergent stories like .e.g rimworld, dwarf fortress, minecraft etc.

  2. This is the guy who described Detroit: Become Human as being like Blade Runner, except the humans are the bad guys, and everyone immediately asked if ever watched the movie………. TED, you f*cked up

  3. The presenter, Cage, laments the idea of the writer having total control over what happens to the protagonist. The game, Detroit: Become Human, presents you with hundreds of different choices that effect how the story progresses. And yet, the consequences of your decisions are still entirely pre-written and programmed into the game. So in the end: NO, you do not have as much freedom as you think. Even though Cage's games certainly do more than most other "choice-driven" games, much of what is discussed in the talk is hyperbole. –>IT'S ALSO AN AD<–

  4. Desicion is an illusion in David Cage games. Yes he tells stories, but he is not a good storyteller like Hideo Kojima or Cory Barlog. He is more like Tommy Wiseau.

  5. Thanks to David Cage and especially Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain. Games that subtly change the Way of Thinking. Art that is able to return faith in humanity.

    I needed 16 years to understand.

  6. Some of ya'll really be praising a pervert (made a nude model of Elliot Page without his consent or knowledge) and a homophobe ("We don't make games for f*gs" – David Cage). I wouldn't be surprised if David was also a transphobe too.