How video game skills can get you ahead in life | William Collis

How video game skills can get you ahead in life | William Collis

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What does it take to be a pro gamer? Esports expert William Collis charts the rise of the multibillion-dollar competitive gaming industry and breaks down three skills needed to master video games like Fortnite, League of Legends and Rocket League. And watch out, Collis says: these skills can set you up for crushing it at work, too.

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  1. Gaming industries have also turned to crunching and eating your money though, hence video-games aren't really as enjoyable and amazingly new and creative like they were in the 90's or 2000's.

  2. I appreciate all the skills of e-sporters . But the only problem in e-sport is that, it makes the gamer addictive; by inserting the earpods, gamer becomes completely isolated without taking care of any other responsibility or concern like eating , sleeping or listening to parents.
    Patience bye bye
    Politeness bye bye
    Time Schedule bye bye
    Me and my cell is the definition of complete world.

  3. Using Messi and Shak as doable example for the general population shows a tremendous ignorance regarding probability and stats.
    For starters Messi was given HGH at early age, an illegal PEDs in all sports. You can train twice as hard, grow muscle mass and reduce injuries using HGH. Just look at Sylvester Stallone. Shak was 7'1 and 300 lb of massive power.
    Odds of replicating any of those 2 are lower than the odds of winning the lottery. Since you can buy multiple lottery tickets you can literally say than the odds are thousands of time lower than winning the lottery.

  4. Hahaha, if only. No if anything video games make you impatient, less resilient, and have a serious negative impact on your physical health if they replace more physical activities.

  5. I am sure play station enhances interpersonal skills for sure. To me is not a matter of playing video games being irrelevant, is the amount of time that some spend doing it. Everyone is free to spend their time as they wish, the sad part in my opinion is in regards of life experiences and social interaction. 7 hours of gaming can be reduced to a sense of memory of experience of half hour. The same 7 hours spent in any other experience would definitely feel and count as at least, say.. 5 hours of activities and created memories if that makes sense.

  6. Stop wasting your life in front of a black screen, there's a 1:100000 that you'll be successful at it. It's too risky.-Like Mohammad Ali Said

  7. I mean the video is great, but also think of it this way.

    Why is chess so prestigious but not video games? How come? They're both games.
    – Many will argue that chess is far more difficult. But as gamers, I think we all know how to destroy those type of answers.
    This was the argument I used against the opposition all the time.

  8. Here a really good example about what he talks about regarding Micro:
    In Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition – a strategy-based game revolving around building up economy, from scratch oftentimes – some pros/e-sports players in tournaments have 200-300 APM, or action-per-minute, or even more; such as Hera or TheViper.
    Hope that example illustrates what he also said in this video, circa around 4:07

  9. The title of this video is "how video game skills can get you ahead in life", but the presenter talks about esports and basically how the values instilled in people through traditional, competitive sports can be done through competitive games. I guess this video technically isn't misleading, but this doesn't distinguish video games from traditional sports, which are more mainstream. The vast majority of gamers do not play esports, which is competitive gaming; most gamers play video games casually. Are there no lessons to be learned from casual video game-playing? And why would esports get one ahead in life while so many more people play traditional sports?

  10. I-

    Im gonna download this and blast this on max volume everytime my family members are near me

    Like from playing first person shooters i have better reaction time on things even when a cat jumps down like a roof i can like sense it doing it without even watching it go down





  11. I don't like all the woke nonsense about female representation, marginalized groups, equity (equal outcomes rather than equal opportunities)… the only factors that stop people from playing online games are their jobs, parents, or internet access. There are very few people in 1st world nations that can't save up $500 over the course of 1-5 years to get either a console or a minimum competitive-spec PC to play online games too as long as the factors above aren't an issue as well.