How to Work Deliberately on Kobe’s Birthday | Darren Hardy – MasteryTV –

How to Work Deliberately on Kobe’s Birthday | Darren Hardy – MasteryTV –

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Today would have been Kobe Bryant’s birthday, so I want to share a story about his work ethic. Kobe was obviously hugely successful, but he didn’t let that get in the way of even greater success! Be more deliberate with your hard work on the path to expertise and success.

Were you inspired by the story of Kobe’s morning routine? I want to give you access to my FREE morning routine 2×2 blueprint, click the link above for access.

Time Stamps:

0:00 – Kobe Bryant’s birthday
0:09 – Kobe’s accolades
0:28 – What made Kobe great
1:02 – Hard work vs. deliberate work
1:35 – Olympics example
3:14 – Kobe’s deliberate work ethic
3:51 – Sustaining success
4:31 – Nothing fails like success
5:26 – The struggle in achieving expertise
5:52 – Kobe’s birthday message
6:15 – Kobe Bryant quotes
6:41 – Outro

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  1. In honor of Kobe Bryant's birthday, choose to be the exception today! Let us know how you will push yourself and go above and beyond in the comments here. And if you were inspired by Kobe's morning routine at the Olympics, download my free morning routine 2×2 blueprint here:

  2. I’ve always looked up to Kobe Bryant as a phenomenal basketball player but when I watched his celebration of life and his wife expressed how he was also a phenomenal father that to me showed me that I can be phenomenal at both!🔥🚀💯🏆