How to Visualize Your Dream into Reality

How to Visualize Your Dream into Reality

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  1. “See it, think about it. See it, think about it.” So true! The vision doesn’t have to be a full movie. As you stay consistent with it you gradually add to it. ‼️

  2. Go beyond that and venture into what you consider impossible. Imagine this, believe in it and visualize yourself in it. Envision yourself with the things that you truly desire in your heart and mind but you don't have them right now. Try your best to go into every little detail as you visualize.

  3. Someone please answer this: What do you do when you have no dreams? No goals? What happens when virtually nothing has actual value before you?

  4. There is something that has stuck with me when I heard it said years ago: "Far too many of us know what to do…but don't do what we know." And, that is one of the main reasons our lives are not to the levels that we desire.

  5. Ive been doing my grad school application as an international student and this video helps a lot because whenever i think about my dreams getting admitted to a school in US, my heart beats so fast and im having anxiety. To the point that sometimes i avoid doing my tasks and requirements because of the discomfort. My dream is big, and i acknowledge it. Thank you Brendon. I wont give up even if i fail because i know i will have a lot to learn from this.

  6. I’m taking the #bestlife30 with Evan Carmichael. The 1st vid has you in it speaking about visualization, which I’ve recently started practicing. You blew my mind when you said we have to see the struggle in it and how we push through. I’ve only seen my victories. What an eye opener. 🧐🧐🧐

  7. "Don't expect your dreams to be delivered to you everyday in a complete package. Your vision is meant to be tapped everyday." -Brendon
    Thanks for another great video! Much love from Bali ❤️