How to Successfully Manifest Your Dreams | Eckhart Tolle

How to Successfully Manifest Your Dreams | Eckhart Tolle

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Eckhart teaches the principles of manifesting your dreams based on the teachings of Buddha and Jesus.

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  1. Oh eckhart.. I'm a total proof of manifesting home.. I envisioned it I lived it and God placed me in Maui were I have just celebrated 1 year. Aloha love and I hope to see you tanning on these beautiful beaches spreading all the love and getting the Aina love back at you. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  2. I guess it all depends on what a person WANTS to manifest. Some want to manifest riches, power, and glory so they go around campaigning for themselves like busy bodies, and others might want to manifest peace, love, and happiness so they just ride solo, whistle while they work and try to survive in such a wicked world

  3. I listened to so many different teachers from so many different cultures/ religion/ philosophy and they all say the same thing in different ways with different examples. Even though I intellectually understand all of this, I haven't quite cracked it

  4. I humbly suggest that we all report spam messages in the comment section of this video left by  @Hannah  beginning with the words "Do you really need help? I can recommend . . . ." followed by another message simply stating "gmail"
    I also encourage that we do not give  @Hannah  any information (let alone an email address).
    Be well.

  5. Yes, this is the art of our personal alcemy, because you cant go from from a needing conditsion and expect the world outside you to join in and give you happy fullfillment. You can be in beautifull surroundings but if you have the sad glasses on with sorrow in your heart it just does not matter. As an earlier drug addicted i have doctor grade in how you can manipulate your emotions and first hand experience on how you can get up and down and exit ore be in horror with your own soul and body. This is Just one layer of the way to become a whole human being for me, but its been an great tool for me to use and for understanding important things in my life on my journey. I am lucky tho because as an adult i have a very curious and open mind because of all my years with drug experience, sometime it feels like i have been protected from other things that could make me slowly die from inside, i am like the one who grows up as an adult with fresh emotions to explore,but with the deep knowing of the different expressions life can give us, i feel abundent because of all the things life has gived me, its losses, its sorrow, its love and rise up again and really feel free to love again and aprichiation on the richness of it, its a mysteri and its awesome. Thanks for your calm, wise and good spirit with lauphter in.

  6. There is reality and there is thoughts about reality. Reality is an acceptance of what really is and no matter how strongly held no opinions , ideas , beliefs or theories about reality are facts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having ideas, opinions, beliefs and theories, our own or other people's,, the problems only come when we start believing we or other people actually know the unknowable. Everything that is not a fact can only possibly be a thought, so there for we are all equally free to believe whatever we wish to be believe, and in a world where we are totally free to believe what we wish to believe, why on earth would any of us choose to believe anything that doesn't support our happiness and freedom to enjoy this beautiful life, and extend that very same courtesy to absolutely everyone else in return. Freedom is just the other side of fear 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  7. The interprenation of this message often is: Stay poor because money does not make you happy. Do not want anything because it does not make you happy. Actually, nobody has to oay ypur salary because you are so much happier without it! They just make you happy by not paying!

    I’ve been withput money. I must tell that I was NOT happier than when I have money.

    We are physical beings, so I think it is our nature to feel content when we can live in a safe environment, get shelter, food, education and a job – and maybe some friends. I think also that that contentment is a step towards happiness. For example, in my country we have a icecold looong dark winter. I’d be pleased to see a yogi sitting on the snow, without food, when there is 30 degrees Celcius. I bet that his happiness would be frozen or dead. I bet that a little but something material, like a room with a fireplace, would make him happier.

  8. Is the video been edited in the sense of making it quicker and faster, I feel it's lost is original beauty cause it seems something is off, I feel like it could be better originally, specially with the way Eckhart talks very slowly so it easy to absorb better as he says is all about the gaps between the words, in this video there is no gaps haha

  9. I have listened to Eckhart for a long time. His book The Power of Now that is freely available on YouTube and his talks helped me a lot when I was going through psychosis and after. He is correct to be against consuming Cannabis, a view of Eckhart that I only later accepted as being true two years ago, when I finally quit smoking all together, even tobacco, and this was not easy after smoking cigarettes for a long time, 17 years. I must say though that Cannabis was directly responsible, in my case personally for starting to practice presence, for the first time that I fell into a meditative state. Perhaps I am incorrect and presence was arising anyway, but every time that I smoked, the presence intensified, now I do not need it to enter that state of intense presence, of spaciousness. There still is shaking of the head, a sort of resistance to it, in other words, the false mind made self, as well as the pain body, for me at least are quite 'thick' and persistent. So it is my opinion that THC can aid the arising of the new consciousness, or better said 'jump start' it's arising, among it's many other medicinal uses, such as treating ptsd, but only if used in moderation and not for recreational but strictly for spiritual purposes, the practice of presence, meditation. For me it induced psychosis several times but it did not cause it, trauma in my childhood did, as is the case for many who suffer from mental illnesses. For me it was diagnosed as schizoaffective disorder. So after quitting Cannabis and smoking all together, but keeping my daily practice of self inquiry from Shri Ramana and the presence practice as taught, suggested by Eckhart Tolle, which immediately frees of the negative feeling and incessant thoughts, sometimes stops the mind all together, for several seconds, I saw vast improvements in my day to day life and my state of being as well as in my relationships with family and friends. My question to Eckhart, if I may is how to deal with the rather poor financial situation that inevitably follows in such a case as mental illness? I really do not mind having less money, I now only really need enough to buy food and sometimes clothes, ofcourse it goes without saying that I like and prefer having a roof over my head and warmth in the winter. I live in Germany, worked as a clerk at a gas station before my first psychosis, and so I received so called 'Sozialhilfe', not much, enough to live and get by, but the problem was always the constant pressure from the state or so called social workers who were always pushing me to get another job, to choose from a variety of stressful, repetitive jobs, because sadly, I only got to finish high school, and got that job while I was thinking about studying to become a translator before my first 'episode'. A pressure which resulted in my continued Cannabis consumption, the only way I knew how to cope with it, creating a sort of vicious cycle of landing in the psychiatric ward each year for 5 years in a row. Then, suddenly, after my last 'visit' there, they stopped, the constant letters, but I still received the money to live. It is no coincidence that in this time I have quit smoking, I have felt less pressure to do something that I not only do not want to do but shouldn't do, which is being in a stressful environment that could trigger my schizoaffective disorder. And so, I could focus more and more on my presence practice, which was lovely, resulting in the positive effects that I mentioned previously. A month ago though, one of those workers suddenly, out of the blue demanded from me so called 'Betriebskostenabrechnung' (utility bills) from 2019 to now, something that I could not comply with in time, because I did not even had two weeks time to do what was asked of me or to find those old utility bills in boxes in the attic and in the cellar. And so that 'social' worker decided that starting next month already I will not receive any more payment from them, no more money to live at all. Now a few days ago, after I sent several Emails and all the utility bills that I could find, that state worker decided to cut my money in half which is still pretty bad, but the damage from the previous 'decision' was already done, I became 'manic' when going shopping with family, I had another episode and all the presence practice could not help me avoid it sadly, the fear of not having any money to buy food next month was too great, the reaction to it too severe. What my presence practice did do was to help me cope with it and to end the manic 'episode' much quicker, now I am present again, calm and collected, something that not that long ago would not have happened, I would be in the psychiatric ward as I am writing these words right now. I find it sad that a country such as Germany, to which I migrated from Romania with my mother when I was almost 14 by the way, a country with mostly progressive views, a great economy and seemingly a great social net as it's called, can have such 'social workers' who are allowed to apply so much pressure on people about whom they know were in the psychiatric ward. Shouldn't we be allowed to get well first before working again? Should we not be able to choose a more suitable occupation instead of being forced to work at repetitive, tedious and stressful jobs? Are robots stealing these jobs or are humans trying to steal them from robots instead of implementing a universal basic income for all? I do not 'expect' an answer from Eckhart to all of this, it would be nice though if he would at least touch on this subject in future, I have not heard much about this topic in his talks, other than that mentally ill people should practice presence and not take those pills the 'doctors' prescribe. Eckhart is so right on this topic as always, those are actually really bad, when I was forced to take them, because they force you to sleep in the isolation cell the first time you get there, even if you are not violent, loud or aggressive, I could not practice presence, at all, and I tried and I tried, it's why I always refused them but they actually force you to take them. These pills, such as Olanzapin, Diazepam, they cause even more thoughts to arise within the mind, very negative thoughts, thoughts so strange and incessant that I never even had them before, they also make you dizzy and sleepy as well, it's as if they are designed to purposefully cause unconsciousness and the 'falling below thought' that Eckhart talks about. I can say for sure, that people with mental illness need presence practice the most, not that kind of medication, they certainly do not need such pressure from social workers to get a stressful job and they do want to work, to be useful in some way to society, at least I do, but sadly few or better said no options and opportunities are even presented to us, and no time is given to us to even be able to heal. Thank You!

  10. Thank you Eckhart for continually reminding us to stay connected to presence. We fall out of it when the story convinces us that we are our story. We are Not our story. We are the watcher of the story with choices to choose peace or turbulence. I choose PEACE. Thank you with all my heart. ❤️

  11. We need to get away from thinking something outside of us can make us happy and learn to focus on how we feel. Wonderful video filled with the best wisdom – as always- thank you Eckhart 🙏🏻❤️