How to Prove Others Wrong | Jonathan Mooney Inspirational Speech | Goalcast

How to Prove Others Wrong | Jonathan Mooney Inspirational Speech | Goalcast

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  1. As a teacher, you can NEVER put down a student for whatever reason… Your work, no matter what, is to support, encourage and love that human being because you don't know what he/she has been through and the potential he/she is able to demonstrate.

  2. I’m a dropout this year I’m getting a job in construction hopefully but everyone is telling me I’m messing my life up and idk what to believe

  3. when i was young age 8 to 13 I'm at elementary at that time. I was lazy, Knowledgeless, senseless, idiot, I remember i used not to Direct join my class Instead i should in class linstening to my teacher. i was different all my brother's and sister and cousin got plenty of medal and me i had nothing. now I regret becasue I learned nothing.

  4. What if you're strengths are spiritual not intellectual. Like receiving images when talking to people and they are like wow I never thought of it that way. And it's like… it's wasn't me.. iam mearly a conduit through which I speak.

  5. In fact I had a really hard time with primary school maths but I caught up quickly with secondary school maths. I went on to do an A level and eventually a diploma in maths, and am currently studying maths with the open university distance learning.

  6. I was rejected by my old soccer team and didn’t do an atar which is the Australian gpa

    Today I am soon to sign in with a semi pro team overseas and also finish my ba graduate degree

  7. Education is not about counting down the Degrees but the set-up has exactly like this where they don't look at who you are. Until you don't prove but somebody who has knowledge or they has the ability to find knowledge whatever your circumstances find knowledge from them. It's not easy nothing is easy and no one is exceptional if they really give up by following the comments of others. True education or being truly educated is to realise what is your honour internally. The terms and policy of this world it will, or they will ask for the certificate, but in life and keep your heart there.

  8. Awww man, I got that also! My kindergartner teacher said I was to dumb to pass high school. Well I passed and I’m about to be the best version of myself.

    My mom told me, and the teacher had me play with tape in the back of the classroom away from all the students.

  9. I’m dyslexic and currently in college now and my anxiety is sky high right now. I have never pushed myself this far and it’s getting to me. I had a professor laugh at my face in front of the class because I flipped words and i started panicking. I hate feeling stupid in a classroom full of smarter people.

  10. Wow! I really need to hear this!! I’m 39 been working 3 job’s. I want to go to school but having issues like this man growing up. I always believe everyone my family and teachers always put me down. This was a great motivator! Thanks.

  11. You're an exceptional person! You are exactly right "And the thing that really disables individuals is the way that those differences are treated by others." All too often people are ignorant and ignore those who are exceptional their abilities! You are truly an inspiring person!