How to Parent Children Consciously | Eckhart Tolle

How to Parent Children Consciously | Eckhart Tolle

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Eckhart shares how we can exercise conscious parenting, and how being present and changing our way of interacting can help the child.

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  1. Another conscience female writer has a free PDF on her site for Moms & Dads and how to raise our children. Her site name is Aubrianna Rose. I love the fact that she doesn't charge for it. Its free.

  2. ❤️❤️❤️ Often my children will remind me of my Alignment-by what’s showing up ,and saying literally mommy you are not in alignment ,😂 It’s then I am sure I am doing something right.
    I instruct my children to always go within. To first check in with Inner Being When mommy is not in a good mood ,mommy needs 15min to calm and they watch (mostly) me meditate or go to the bathroom. Usually when I return I am feeling better than before .
    My point is to refresh to Align to my Source and then ! To lead by example ,the same applies to the opposite emotion ,when feeling good I am connecting to my Higher-self
    The more practiced I become the more my children see how I deal with my emotions and this is something only one can do for the self.

    Most importantly this is a reflection of my vibration a Manifestation. I would love to read this book ❤️🤝❤️

  3. It is normal for a dysfunctional parent to see the child as a 'thing' that needs to be clothed, fed, and watered. The concept of the 'thing' has been passed down through the generations. The parent thinks they are doing a good job, but this is only on the surface, and if the child reaches adolescence without real love input, then there is every chance that they will repeat the same behaviour if they become parents. And the cycle continues, unless one stumbles upon people who can help awaken them.

  4. In studies of various medical therapists I found that the connection/dynamics of parent being therapist and child being patient is statistically most likely to foster healing.

  5. I don't understand how some people cannot accept the point of view on parenting of someone who is not a parent. Who said, it is forbidden to have an opinion on it anyway? Plus, everyone HAD parents, whether they knew them or not, so I don't see why a person would be judged for their choice of life.

    Don't have children if you don't handle the challenge.

  6. I often turned to the book Everyday Blessings when I was raising my kids. Our bright, bored son was quite a challenge, and I didn't always like him, which made me feel very guilty, but he taught me to keep my heart open and to accept him. He's 25 now and I like him very much.
    Our children are like mirrors really, reflecting back our best and worse selves. I'm grateful for all of it now.🥰

  7. This guy sold his soul years ago. His events are full of freemasonic symbols and he spams you with their hand signs. He's like a frantic magician, it's sad to see. He fell so far. It's because of Kim. The woman is a succubus, feeding on his energy. Oprah was the original error, letting her in. Oprah is a vicious demon.

  8. This was how I was raised as a child. Very strictly too. Until I discovered Eckhart a year ago I had an almost pathological need to prove people wrong and that I'm right.

  9. Thank you Eckhart 💞🌌🌳🙌
    I think that, children are our teachers to be fully aware of their essence and how to be present ourselves through observing our egos.. Just observe their natural consciousness.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. So true. I raised my kids this way and we have issues sometimes, but they are self-aware and grounded in who they are & what they want..teenaging is still difficult, but we know it will pass and they will change. Even divorce didn't shake them,

  11. When Eckhart speaks of "the doing" as opposed to "the being" it really struck a cord. You think the act of well intentioned discipline is necessary and acceptable but without 'communicating' with the child and recognising in the moment that the child needs to understand the situation and be given an opportunity to 'communicate' back… of course that will evoke frustration, resentment and ultimately maybe anger.

  12. I think it's important to help children understand how love kindness and compassion make everyone's lives better and how hate cruelty and judgement make the world a sadder and unhappy place, and that's it. We should never burden them with our beliefs and opinions,, let them find their own. If they ask us what we believe then I think it's OK to say "this is what I believe but you don't have to believe just because I do". Unconditioned happy children who are allowed to be free to choose for themselves, that would be a wonderful future.

  13. It s difficult to educate children. They are very sensitive and they would tell all you are doing wrong, but they see like that, they dont mean anything. The most difficult time are youngsters, so difficult to know what they think if they dont tell you, until its to late. Wisdom is here needed, yes. Thanks. To see myself fiirst and to see the child is the first, but I saw ony the wrongs first ….

  14. As someone interested in human nature, the point regarding the rise of anger in teenagers due to parental neglect was insightful.

  15. you are peace and sweetness… soft music and serene harmony.. a beautiful triple silence.. that special magical silence before, during and after sound, words.. life…
    thank for existing, you are one of the best gods proof existence, you are an invisible saint, an angel.
    your cristal clear voice, look.. soul, everything.. are pure love, eternity.
    just a second of your look is a bless, and you give us so many minutes.. for nothing, for free, for love, thanks

  16. I have a 16 year old lad and also a 4 year old lad. My daughter is 10.
    She is easy, self managing and wonderfully open, my eldest was a challenge only because I had t the skill to parent such a bright and brilliant child I think now, so my 4 year old is struggling with himself here and there so when he gets into a u happy mood we always say we can choose again to have fun, this also mean if he does choose again and be happy, we all must try to just accept and move forward, I home school them all in the Scottish Borders, it’s wonderful now but before I woke up so to speak, I was very unconscious with my love, I parented through fear.
    Try to let go right away of anything that’s not love, that’s not the truest of them, only the love is there truth, also I changed my wording, so no, bad, negative, etc changed to diversion and distraction from the unhappy to the happy, I try to use those two to help him choose with being so young,
    As I said I wasn’t always conscious, only since the little one did I really see and feel them and not MY feeling for them only.
    I pull back from, MY kids, MY rules etc.
    let them choose as much as possible what happens for them, without them becoming entitled, let them be in control ware appropriate, it helped them to not panic talk fast and show off so much for some acknowledgment and feedback
    Ask them randomly, about there interest, be enthusiastic and bright faced.
    Also I sat in front of a mirror and replayed the expressions I had shown during harder moments or when he was excited etc and tried to be more conscious of the face they had to look at all day lol.
    Oh also, this was important, there name, try not to use it always in a tone off your emotions at the time, I remembered everything since I was little and made sure I was not like the adults when I was wee.
    My name was always said by my sweet naïve unconscious mum, with stone of terror I’d suddenly died or disappeared, it made me extremely anxious. So yeah, I just tried my best to go with my heart feelings and not my minds ideas of what should n shouldn’t be.
    I’ve never commented much on YouTube but felt it nice to say I was not always conscious and my eldest now knows how a person can transform, he’s had to put up with me the longest so far lol. Blessings to all its a tricky one until you realise, the children are our greatest teachers, they hold a high vibe and we drain them by teenage years if not conscious of there personal journey.B

  17. This is something that is a daily challenge for me, being present and being a mum of 3, n they block my manifesting with their own minds too. The joy of parenting. 😂 if u are planning to write a parenting book, Eckhart I'd be a happy case study or guinea pig

  18. We here as parents know you are not the same again once you have children and are connected and loving to them ….it's nice to get advice from this thoughtful man but it's not really parenting advice you need to have raised your own to know what is best…..