How to Overcome Anger and Resentment

How to Overcome Anger and Resentment

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Have you ever been slighted by another human being? Maybe hurt by the actions or words of another? You aren’t alone. It is how you react to these grievances that determines if you win or lose in life. Darren shares tips to help you “get over it” and just let it go!

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  1. My bf of 7 years now an ex about a week ago… This video really explained what I'm feeling right now.. I have the power to ruin his life but choosing not to but then most of the times the demon in me wanted to.. Can't just let go..

  2. Teacher/Rabbi I was faithful for 5 years and he decided to imberrist me in front of everyone. I left and won't go back. I have seen him do 5his several times. We are a small group of 5 to 6 people. We use to have a whole lot more. Everyone left and now I know why. He seems to recycle people. When someone new comes he hurts a older member and they leave.

    What hurts most is he won't call to apologize or talk it out. This is his MO. I won't go back even if he does. The hurt makes my chest hurt.

  3. its really really really difficult.
    should i forgive those who do things I concider crimes to humanity and this planet with all that lives on it?
    this is also our world you know, we also have the right to feel like our existance means SOMETHING
    and whenit sure feels like it does not, it seems pretty fucking hard to hang on to a positive feeling
    man i do not want to feel anngry anymore, yes stomache aches, head aches, heartaches, but what am i to do?
    look away? accept everything around me that seems to go from wrong to completely bonkers?
    what if people still break my heart every day? should i ignore my pain? someone pls help me cause I am still stuck

  4. This video brought me great relief. I been holding resentment for so many people for so long. It's hard when it's family members because they continue to stay in my life, I struggle to move on and accept how the person hurt me, and then I have to see them again and relive it. It's hard to accept when others mistreat you and the bad thing is I keep giving second chances, but I'll keep 3:45 in mind lol OH HELL NO not again!

  5. Literally trying to get letting go of the hate I have for my youngest sister and my ex for fuckin eachother behind my back and are basically still in a relationship. I literally don’t want to care or think about it anymore, but I randomly remember the disrespect and it pisses me off all over again. I want to get over it so bad. I think its the fact when I confronted both of them, they LIED ABOUT IT AND EVERYONE BELIEVED THEM! I just want to forgettt! I’m working on it. 😵‍💫

  6. My parents, my siblings, my former best friend, my teacher/s, former co workers, ex schoolmates, ex girlfriend, people whom have wronged me or let me down, ticked me off/pissed me off, belittled me and or slighted me. There's a lot. It's so hard to just let go. Yet i have been told by my counselor, if i don't, it's like drinking poison but expecting the other person to die. Resentment. I am descending into madness and so much pain i am dealing with. Far from being at peace, with myself. I have taken revenge before, i don't want to admit this, it didn't got me the long lasting peace i wanted. It did felt good for that moment there, but i end up feeling worse after somehow. I don't know.

  7. Thank you Thank you for not saying you turn your cheek to have the other slapped. “Oh Hellllll Nooooo!” Lol thank u for keeping it real!!! My husbands, mother and my son. My husband betrayed me with the 25 year old neighbor my mother doesn’t think I do enough to help her (I work full time 40-50 hrs a week & she lives with me) my adult son doesn’t want to pay rent bc he is pursing his musical career…so yes I have resentment but I don’t know how to deal with it…bc I want and need to forgive them. The “hell no” helps!! I can’t keep turning the cheek.

  8. 3. Forgive, but never forget.

    My family keeps doing the same upsetting things all my life, repeatedly, over and over again, no matter how often I talk to them and try to explain it.

    So I‘m already at 100% shields-up-mode like a tank when meeting them, because I know what’s coming, and it always does. It’s so exhausting, having to go trough the same pains and forgiveness processes every time and I don’t see no way out without breaking up connections with them completely (which I don’t want).

  9. This is to the people that only wanted to see someone I love fuck up. I was so angry with them bc I saw from a third party that the only thing they love doing is fucking up whether it be their life or peoples properties and they were dragging the one I love most down with them… bc it was fun. It got so bad that I told him to drop them, forever. I made him choose them or me. Every time I think abt them i grit my teeth, but you’ve made me realize that no matter how angry I am it’s only hurting me and I need to let go for myself. I can’t let them control me, and trust me, I’m a one cheek type of gurl 👊🏼💀