How To Memorize Fast And Easily -Even When Speed Reading | Jim Kwik – MasteryTV

How To Memorize Fast And Easily -Even When Speed Reading | Jim Kwik – MasteryTV

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📚Learn how to improve your reading performance from world-renown brain performance expert Jim Kwik in this FREE masterclass. Click here now to read faster and retain more:😊👉

⏱ How can a brain performance expert save you time?

And not only a little bit of time, but Jim Kwik’s tools can also boost your life in ways you can’t even imagine. Catch up with his tools and brain hacks in this video 🧠. Jim Kwik possesses a real passion for teaching others how to learn faster and increase their brain power. They will make you read (WAY) faster without forgetting everything in the next paragraph and memorize things that matter to you for the rest of your life 📚.

Incredible, right 💥? Whether you are a student who wants to learn how to focus and learn faster or a parent who wants brain power content for their kids, this video will be highly relevant to you. And will help you elevate your brain to the next level.😎

About Jim Kwik:

✅Before Jim Kwik was recognized as one of the foremost experts in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning — And a highly sought-out trainer for top organizations like Virgin, Nike, Zappos, NYU, GE, Fox Studios, Harvard, and Singularity University — Jim was known as “the boy with the broken brain.”

✅At the age of five, Jim suffered a head injury that left him with severe learning challenges, and as a result, he would struggle throughout his schooling years. He read considerably slower. He absorbed and understood less. And learning anything new was an uphill battle.

✅Hoping to compensate for these challenges, Jim double-downed his efforts in college in hopes of staying on par with his peers. But spending hours in the library single-mindedly focused on his studies came at a cost. He hardly ate. He hardly slept. And in a dangerously weakened state, weighing only 117 pounds, Jim passed out, falling down a flight of stairs, and once again, sustained further head injuries.

✅Jim woke up in the hospital two full days later. But during his recovery in the hospital, he had the one epiphany that changed the entire trajectory of his life. It occurred to him that his entire education revolved around being taught what to learn — Math, science, geography, Spanish — But never once was he taught how to learn.

✅This single thought became his obsession. As Jim began to unravel how the human brain really works, he developed strategies to enhance his mental performance dramatically. And as he saw more success, he began teaching his newfound techniques to his fellow students, which would later become his life’s mission.

✅For the last 25+ years, Jim has dedicated his life to helping others unleash their true genius and brainpower to learn anything faster and live a life of greater power, productivity, and purpose.

About the Masterclass: “How To Read Faster & Learn Better”

You’ll learn:

– Boost your reading speed by up to 50%: This simple exercise will save you more time each day and help you grow exponentially in both your personal and professional life.

– Gain a competitive edge at work: Discover why speed reading is no longer a ‘nice to have skill’ but the leverage you need to get noticed and rewarded in a competitive workplace.

– Speed read with full comprehension: Hack your brain to amplify your focus and become distraction-proof, so you retain the information you read with ease

– The biggest barrier slowing down your reading speed: Undo this one bad reading habit we all learned at school to unleash your brain’s natural ability to absorb knowledge like a sponge.

Ps: Bring a book to this hands-on Masterclass and experience for yourself how Jim’s techniques can dramatically improve your reading rate and your ability to absorb and retain the knowledge you’ve learned.

FREE Masterclass: Increase your brain power and discover how to read up to 10X faster with this FREE super reading Masterclass from Jim Kwik. Click here now: 👉


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  1. I really appreciate Jim's passion and compassion to share on how to improve reading. Being a slow reader, actually not feel that good and not read that many as expected. Distractions are really annoying

  2. Mr. Quick where were you you years ago man I could have used this information while as a child because like you I was born with two tumors one of my left arm and wanton my brain the surgeons had to wait till I was a year and a half years of age and I end up going to special schools in this and that and everything even to this day at age 67 I've been plagued with the discouragement of why bother if it takes you forever to learn something so all through these years I just did do anymore challenges like this wanting to learn even when I had golden opportunities to learn Chinese and Japanese out-of-school out used to work for I just couldn't bear the constant repetition repetition still not get it tomato is a waste of time but the information you are giving is exactly what I need to do because if I could learn 25 to 50% quicker they'll make up for all those years what I call the Locust eating years mentally I can make up for sometime God blessing I will continue to watch more of your videos thank you again Captain John dancing beard God's blessing over and out

  3. This makes me wonder if there's a better way to teach children how to read in the first place so that we don't teach them how to read and then have to reteach them how to actually read, after.

  4. If knowledge is power, my super-power is in listening attentively with intention. … 🙂 Now I understand what is super power. Thank you Jim Kwik for your YouTube Videos and Podcast.

  5. Please answer me what if your life is filled with spoon feeding schools colleges blah blah blah…not at all productive I don't feel like I am living
    feel like I am eating big books yeah yeah killing me……
    What a life…

    Just wanna run away

  6. Three Power Questions To Kwik Learning (E.A.T)
    1. How am I going to use this? (E xercise your knowledge)
    2. Why Must I use this? (A dvantages, necessity)
    3. When am I going to use this? (T ype it in your calendar)