How To Master Your Craft So You Lead Your Field | Robin Sharma x Personal Mastery Academy

How To Master Your Craft So You Lead Your Field | Robin Sharma x Personal Mastery Academy

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  1. Sir Robin , thank you so much for sharing your inspiring video. On How to master your craft to make a world class will power by working hard on the important things that really matters through deep focus, patience and persistency that leads to sustainable magnificent results.

  2. Great content. It’s amazing for me that I’ve stopped last night reading book 5am club on the page 88. I understand this 3 step formula even more now! Thank you Robin.

  3. Amazing and very inspiring especially to listen to first thing in the morning.
    My question is, because everyone else is so rushed and superficial, how would they slow down to appreciate your granularity? Would your efforts be overlooked especially if these people are your superiors at work. Would your efforts go in vain? And you think – What's the point? I'm still going nowhere and then you resume on the superficial wagon like everyone else…?
    Would love to hear any of your thoughts!

  4. It's astonishing to think I just found out about you recently. I truly am fond of your words and feel obligated to implement your approach. Currently reading your 5 AM club book and may I add, phenomenal thus far. More power to you and please continue to promote the mindset of granularity across the masses. I'm sick of superficiality taking over the workplace, my relationship, and my planet.

  5. Mechanics of daily heroism.
    4 rivers philosophy.
    Tiny details

    With better awareness we make better choices with better choices we get better results.

  6. This is overly romanticized. Take Flash, for instance – Jobs said it was a piece of garbage, and now it's gone (happily).