How To Manage Projects With Excellence

How To Manage Projects With Excellence

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1. Only do projects that matter:

Life is too short to be doing a lot of busy work that is not your life’s work. When you start to say no more often and only take on real projects that you’re truly passionate about, it’s much easier to be effective, enthusiastic and excellent.

2. Know your best role:

There’s a big difference between being an individual contributor to a project and being the person responsible for the project. Be honest with yourself: Are you good at managing projects? Is it your natural ability? If not, be a contributor, not a manager.

3. Have a clear outcome:

Be absolutely clear about what the completed project looks like. What’s the end game? What metrics measure success? What does the impact of the completed project look like? Having clarity about the vision you’re after will ensure you avoid getting distracted or derailed.

4. Put a calendar in place:

A schedule isn’t enough. To be effective you have to plan the deadlines, steps, completion dates, and people managing the project in detail. It’s easy to get distracted without a clear purpose and deadlines, so put milestones in place and keep moving towards them.

5. Focus on distinction, excellence, and service:

To do a project well, ask yourself: “How can I do this project uniquely and differently? How do we wow people with excellence? How do we serve at the highest level?” When you refuse to be a cog, and instead resolve to be a standout creator, a quality contributor, and someone who leaves people feeling deeply served by every interaction, you will bring a new level of excellence to every project.

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  1. Oh weird. Sorry guys – I had this unlisted on my blog for over a year, then hit "public" today and didn't realize it would post in my channel as "new."

  2. Thanks for doing this video …
    As a program manager, engineer, and consultant, I would not recommend this to anyone seriously in need of advice. It’s nothing personal it’s just that I’ve had a very broad and immersive career in this discipline and this video just isn’t what I would consider helpful to people who seek excellence in managing projects, or initiatives.

    Perhaps it’s mislabeled or I’m not understanding the purpose of the video?

  3. Thank you Brendon. What if I'm a student and I need to do the things I don't care about just in order to graduate the university? How can I do the things that matter despite of my university requirements and really do what I want to do, what I feel it's important?

  4. Just a challenge to this:
    If I was to engage only on projects I love, I wouldn’t be near the position I am today. Leaving the comfort zone is key to success.

  5. If you need any help hacking your partner or getting revenge on your ex. Contact @fredparker_ on Instagram to discuss business. He's a professional and he's reliable and he's not a scam.

  6. Hi Mr. Burchard, thanks for this great content. I'm currently working on a project and thought It would be great if I could have a contribution from an expert in the industry, to give me a few tips on the best implementation strategy. I would be glad if you could share with me a few tips on what you would have done at this stage of my project (, toward reaching the target audience, should you be implementing the same thing with your current experience and expertise.

  7. I just wrote so much notes down on that topic! Amazing! It's so helpful! Thank you, Brendon. I do hope, that one day, we will work together! I' m so grateful for the last three years since I first discovered your videos. If you ever need someone who sings something for you or writes a song for you. Please just let me know! I´ll do with all my heart & soul and be happy to give something back!

  8. Thank you Brendon – I really appreciate this. Sometimes I get stuck before I am going to start a project or try to accomplish something out of my wheel house. I love how you broke it down. I just pulled out my calendar where I am going to break down the steps down daily and set a concrete date when I am going to take a test. I will give myself grace daily, but without a plan you will never reach your destination. Message received.