How To Keep Your Heart Open [In A Cold World] | Robin Sharma

How To Keep Your Heart Open [In A Cold World] | Robin Sharma

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In this video, Robin Sharma explains how to keep your heart open even when people disappoint you and life hurts you.

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  1. Greetings Sir ,, You have always inspired
    me with your powerful insights and
    your thought provoking wisdom.I have all
    your books in my collection. I feel deeply
    blessed to hear from you and allow your
    wisdom to expand my consciousness for
    my highest good. Thank you so much for
    these enlightened words .They always 👍 deeply inspire and heal the soul .✴
    Thank you so much. Much goodwishes
    blessings and infinite happiness to you.

  2. My mind thinks I am talking with you every where may I mad or me true. I want to change this thought can you help me to come out from it finally. Plz god will give you lots of blessings.

  3. i needed this affirming though now badly as i was loosing hope being generous in nature…
    a BIG Thank to U Robin…
    u r always being a source of motivation since my teenage… 😍

  4. Love your work, very enlightening. Its an issue, bc my family judges me why I am always such a nice and gentle soul to everyone, even to the ones that have hurt me tremendously in my past. I continue to be blissful and happy from my innerspace and see the good in everyone. I believe everyone is good, it is society or circumstances that makes them bad, and the saying "turn the other cheak' yes thats me. Ahimasa is the way of life and it should be….if more people here in the west can just adapt to the principles of the ancient masters and live by these principles, the world will be a much peaceful place.