How to Judge Your Life Using 3 Simple Questions | Brendon Burchard Speech| Goalcast

How to Judge Your Life Using 3 Simple Questions | Brendon Burchard Speech| Goalcast

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Earn Your Blessings speech: Brendon Burchard recounts how a tragic heartbreak and a near-death experience led him to discover the 3 most important questions you can ask yourself.
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  1. Be grateful …for everything u have in this world…No matter ..the it good,or bad…,or you stuck in moment that you cant get out off it… There's many think that can makes u smile…If u learn to be grateful…

  2. 16: i tryin so hard to look cool

    17: i spent so much time at highschool romance

    18: parties, hangin out, and have fun almost every night

    Just turn 19 month ago: im misserable…and this corona stuff blocking me from seizing my goal

    Yeah i think my life is normal

  3. I was 19 when i first listened to this speach, now I am 21 and my life turned 180. I am happy again, found myself the perfect girl and i drink less alcohol now lol

  4. I'm 17, yesterday I met a very dangerous Car accident , I'm Happy I haven't Took the life of my Dad , we Both are okay , this video is So relatable…. I'm so destroyed from inside , That Scene keeps on knocking My head , Its Not allowing me to Sleep😭😭

  5. finna type this in comments but this video is my life, it changed my life and it is coz it hit me so hard, the “did i even matter part” you’ll see soon i’ll skip to it, please respect it, means so much to me

  6. I was 19 and sat alone in my room with pills in front of me, wholly determined to overdose. I cannot remember all that I felt in that moment but the exhaustion is vivid. I was tired, so tired of everything. I was failing university, pigeonholed into a major I didn't want, I had no friends because the circle I hung with left me behind, my family lived in another country and I stayed with my aunt and her kids who hated me and piled on my misery.

    Bullied at school, online and at home, for years by then, I was just ready to go. Ready to die. A YouTube notification comes into my phone and I look at it, these pills in my hand and I would have ignored it, but the thumbnail with the words on it seemed to have been made for me; seemed to have been written by me even. It was who I was and what I was going through, and it was so uncanny I had a final moment of curiosity and amazement then as I stared at it and gave in. I watched this video for the first time that day, and every day afterwards for almost a year.

    It might sound stupid, it might sound weak and it might even be both those things, but in no small way for me at all, this video and this man speaking in it changed my life. Saved my life.

    I am 23 now and it's not been smooth sailing since then, but I have taken control of the things in my life, the people and the environment and what I see, think and achieve. I love to live, and I want to matter and I actively make the effort, time and time again, never letting myself fall back into that hole that I left on that day. It's not been great but it's a life on my terms now, a life I am actively involved in, affecting and improving. I come back to this every now again, not because I need it as much anymore but because I am grateful. I am so grateful and I do not know how to show my thanks except by watching the man and the video that saved me.

    I hope this video touches many lives in great and even more impactful ways than it did mine and I hope that someday everyone who's heard and heeded these words, despite what they have been through and where they came from, can think on those questions and answer them with pride. I hope that someday we will look back with a smile and teary-eyed fondness knowing that we have lived, loved and mattered.

  7. Thank u very much for sharing this…
    It change my presepective towards life,
    I'm not telling that it changed my life totally, ys it will not happened by watch one video. But there r some little stuff which may impact ur whole life…

    Thank u again..🙏🙏