How to Get Unstuck + Unchain Your Dreams | Robin Sharma

How to Get Unstuck + Unchain Your Dreams | Robin Sharma

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  1. Sir one question I have for you when someone is speaking about you so we are feeling happy but when someone is speaking wrong about you and something like insult and something like he is not doing appreciate he is doing ignore you so that time what we should do sir are you understanding what I want to say

  2. Oh Robin, this is just Amazing!!! So much resonating with me…
    I always go different directions from where other people go .. because I am just like that.. it's my nature… people use to call me strange just because my thinking is different… But I keep on going …because it is My life :))
    Thank you very much, Robin!
    You are the best motivator!

  3. This is Awesome! Robin you are the best that no about the internet!! Everyone needs to here this, I talked to a bunch of kids in a local school, their eyes were glazed over but when I played your video on The Janitor & the Vines their eyes lit up and it was like you were in the room. Your saving lives Robin👍 Sharing your Gold as Robert Blye said.

  4. Wow, I came across your video by accident… I've already written down three affirmations filled with such positive ideas… You are awesome!! 🙋🏻🙌🏻💫✨⚡️😉✨

  5. Robin I read some of ur books a while back ' who will cry when I die' the monk who sold his Ferrari…. Right now am at the lowest of lowest I don't know what to do to get back on my feet… I feel like death would be a very gd idea