How To Get Into The Flow State | Steven Kotler

How To Get Into The Flow State | Steven Kotler

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Steven Kotler, author of Mindvalley’s ‘The Habit of Ferocity’ talks at A-Fest Jamaica about flow and how it can create peak performers. Ignite your highest potential in your work and passions with Steven Kotler’s FREE masterclass 👉

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  1. Do a #brainrewire to get into the flow. The thing is if you have subconscious programs that automatically have you stressing about receiving they will impede. You may feel you can't borrow, earn enough, receive money gifts, accept help, not receive unless you work hard enough, or thing people who have money are bad or turn bad , being unworthy to have things and good and etc! All this blocks the manner good things can come in. #brainrewire for all low vibe emotions. It releases any blocks to receiving "anything" in life. Clear them and Affirmations will skyrocket results in your life at maximum speed.

  2. + 4:55 : Where You Perform Our Best and Feel Our Best, Moments Of Wrapped Attention, Everything Else Disappear.
    + 7:50 : Overall Life Satisfaction Comes from Flow.
    + 11:04 : We are Using Less Of The Brain In Flow, Transient Hypo Frontality.
    + 14:54 : Flow is the only time we get all the pleasure neurochemicals at once.
    + 18:00 : Flow States have triggers, Important Flow Follows Focus, Triggers drives attention into the here and now.
    18:13 : Flow Follows Focus
    + 22:30 : 90-120 mins block of interrupted concentration, Concentration is the foundation of Flow.
    + Live Around Flow Triggers, Flow Is Trainable
    + 32:31: 30yrs of Meditation waves similar to flow states, 6 weeks of meditation / 4 days of focused meditation is enough.
    + 33:40 : 4 days of Meditation is enough
    + 33:53 : Useful Sites
    + 34:47 : Knowledge work and flow.

  3. This dude's lying out his ass 100%. At least when he's talking about his life. How does somebody take 4 months off and have money to continue action sports… This man has probably not broken a single bone in his body and just read a lot of action sports articles. Coming from me myself who has broken a lot of things both of my legs twice I can barely walk. It has caused me even further issues into my spine I have a crushed vertebrae from my legs being uneven due to the breakage…. If What this man was saying is true he would have no money to buy food… This man is a fraud like most journalists they're really good liars and really good at copying everyone else's work and trying to pretend it's their own.

  4. I was told by my friends that they always knew when I was about to to get into "THE ZONE" (FLOW STATE) because I would get quiet and I had a "1,000 foot stare" but I still saw everything around me, despite the fact that I was looking at nothing…
    I would always listen to music on the way to games, which when I listened to my AC/DC – Back in Black cassette tape, and quietly sing along using my falsetto voice. I would get: Physically = "Pumped Up,"
    Mentally = "In The Groove,"
    Visually = "Dialed-In"
    My Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions = "Shut-Off" and it worked each and every single time!!!
    That Season I OBLITERATED the old Pitching Records… In 41 innings pitched, I had 83 Strike Outs, I only gave up 12 hits, and my ERA 0.75 which got me invited to a Toronto Blue Jays tryout at 16 years old, pitching against men in their early to mid 20s that were trying out for the pros… I faced all 12 batters twice and Struck Out every one of them, in fact, only 3 of them even got their bat's on the ball to hit a total of 1 foul ball each and the 2nd time through the 12 batter lineup, only 2 batters got their bat's on the ball and put the ball in play, 1 slow dribbler directly back to me that I picked up and soft tossed to 1st for the easy out and the 2nd hit a weak ground ball to 1st base that the 1st basemen reached down and picked up while standing on 1st base for the easy out. My fastball was clocked at 93 mph, and that was in the rain with a waterlogged baseball… but what was best about my pitching was my pinpoint accuracy and the amount of late breaking movement that I got on my pitches because I innerstood finger pressure and I snapped off my pitches.
    And again, I was only 16!!!
    I thought for sure I was going pro… but shoulder surgery ended that dream.
    Now I use my deep states of focus and creativity for my music and my inventions. All of which are coming soon.

    Bless You All.


  5. I am 100% positive, this gentleman is a Plieadian, meaning he is from that star system and his entire purpose is to enhance our happiness on this planet. If he was to reveal his identity, people from all over the world would flock to him for a healing. People are praying that an advanced being would come here and solve the worlds problems. Aliens are here but their hands are tied by who, ask him

  6. You have to ask yourself, why doesn’t Steve age like humans from planet earth? There must be something special about Earth, that draws people to travel light years from here. Somebody please ask Steve why?

  7. Great stuff, absolute moron when he reduce 30.000 hours of meditation into 6 weeks training or whatever. Deep flow is not the only thing that is achieved in deep Buddhist devotion and 3 decades of intentional focus. Absolutely ludicrous to compare these two things

  8. Flow state is our natural state, we get out of it as we are judged by others for 'daydreaming, not paying attention etc'. Modern world is obsessed with productivity and success, so they don't let you just flow, which would naturally bring way more productivity and success if you just let it.

  9. you can easily read into his agenda, "how to make slaves more productive, by zapping your brain with commands from an outside source, MIND CONTROL this man is a snake oil salesman in the most slippery of skins

  10. Some good stuff but way too much hype and spin to be taken serious. Don’t know why people with good ideas have to exaggerate and hype it up instead of keeping it scientifically accurate and honest.

  11. All my life I have tried not only to define but also to repeat such short intervals in life. I did not know that people are intensively engaged in the flow. Well, it is never too late. So THANK YOU for this lecture. Greetings and all the best.

  12. This is a epic game changer here! One of those moments when you know how something is outside of your conscience awareness and the Aha Moment comes and it's like wow why didn't I get this earlier in life ❣️ Grateful for this cutting edge insight here ❣️👍

  13. Really bad as a corporate ethos for the majority of people working at said corporation. He mentioned Amazon and I thought of the people working in the shipping warehouses and their horrific work environment.

  14. Steven Kotler is talking about the Philosophers stone.

    he's saying things using new words, in the same way that the alchemists and the ancient greeks talking about "eudaimonia" or "true success"

    which is why he says "creative" and "Successful" people are in it all the time. because rich people in the west who are into the occult know about the philosophers stone.

  15. Montessori schooling is excellent however the execution of it and the marketing of it is centered on profits more than proliferation of its philosophies. I had my children in two different Montessori schools and both were poorly operated. My friends have also tried, without positive results. Yes Montessori helps the mindset of flow… just wish the school truly believed in it.

  16. So, imo, pre-frontal cortex development is used to be a reciever of higher "wifi " signals which in turn should increase the outsourcing as well, the transmitter.. The brain

  17. I'm repeating the videos back again when it reaches ten minutes because I couldn't follow what you said suffering from lack of concentration and trying to reach flow state listening to you

  18. Piecing fabrics for quilts gets me into a flow. I once realized in the middle of a project that I was actually creating an object that gives warmth. That was quite a revelation.