How To Deal With Stress And Anxiety Once And For All | Srikumar Rao

How To Deal With Stress And Anxiety Once And For All | Srikumar Rao

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Stress is illusion of control. We think we are all good once we think we have control. When we don’t have control; we think we are losing. However, we NEVER had control and we NEVER will.

In this talk from Mindvalley Reunion 2018, Srikumar Rao discusses how we can eliminate stress and anxiety from our lives, think differently and in essence, become a radically different person.

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  1. When you can learn to start breathing, that is when the anxiety can start to ease down ? you don’t have anxiety, you are just going through a small minor set back. Sit with your emotions and breathe

  2. The only time you fail is when you give up. Because other "failures" are just learning lessons.

    Love from a small youtuber ?, I hope you have an amazing day.

  3. One of the most fascinating lessons I learned about life is that the struggle is actually something good.
    -Joe Rogan

    If you are struggling, I believe in you my friend. Keep going… ?

  4. Some say control this and that and some says that Canrol is a myth.. And whoever says these two things it sounds sensible from both side so I think time has come to getting all this knowledge from internet have to stop ..bcz ultimately you all are sales man who are selling your product and making money and we donky keep watching this fake motivations which doesn't work more than a minute ???

  5. I listened to Srikumar Rao speak on Ted Talks. I wish I could share with him, since I believe he would note it. My issue is not overtly feeling happy EVER. More specifically a good ten+? years now at 67yoa. So I “listen” for my very infrequent smile or giggle or more infrequently, laughter. My mind VERY QUICKLY hears /listens in a group laughter moment or moments. Often I note that I listen to laughter to hear the inflection of “genuine” laughter. Since it is a precious commodity. My favourite is IF I laugh and hear it and the other person/s then also stopped and I FULLY appreciate my source of laughter because I either restart or continue laughing-THEN appears THE GEM -:-a feeling of happiness like bubbles inside my chest….it’s necessary to listen for the gem