How to Deal With Negative Emotions | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

How to Deal With Negative Emotions | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

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According to Eckhart, it’s not just about letting it go. Feelings need to be acknowledged and accepted in order to heal. Eckhart explains we need to become aware of the link between our feelings and thoughts.

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  1. 1. Acknowledge and accept that it is there
    2. Be with it
    3. What is the level of my thinking to the perpetuation that I feel?Ex. ( are the past negative emotions pulling you back to unconsciousness)? (Are you giving energy to negative thoughts or painful narratives by revisiting them in your mind?)
    4. Acknowledge they are the habitual thoughts that go through your mind in relation to the feelings
    5. Begin to realize that you need to cut the link between the thinking and what you are feeling
    6. Cut the link by being aware of your thinking and realize that thinking is pain and it feeds of the old feelings and narrative
    7. Realize those thoughts have NO PURPOSE but to make you unhappy, anxious, miserable etc.
    8. Observe the thought and feeling and notice how those thoughts& feeling don’t want to go . They want you to be identified with them, and not be conscious of them.
    9. Have enough awareness of the process of how it creates further pain ( you being unconscious of it)
    10. Now you can no longer be deceived by it because you are now aware you create your own pain
    11. Now the pain is no longer fueled by thinking
    12. Finally you realize that you don’t have to let go of anything just become aware and it will dissolve on its own IT WILL LEAVE YOU

  2. Teacher, professor, how do you get such peace that you transmit , self control and the certainty that these concepts work. Thank you for help people to understand themselves , their fulfillment, perceptions to free from themselves and to have a better life. .xpanding the power on aware.

  3. If you have a lot of negative energy, try to follow the philosophy of making lemonade when life hands you lemons. See if you can harness that negative energy, and weaponize it, in order to destroy your enemies, like a laser beam that can cut through hardened steel.

  4. I just want to let eckhart know constantly talking about being enlightened to unenlightened people is potentially very harmful to them as it imposes unrealistic expectations on them and ultimately the experiences and reactions that are described are only relevant to enlightened people. When I am enlightened I will dutifully nod my head with the man. Let me explain it is very dangerous believing what this man has to say if you are unenlightened something he never says which is potentially very harmful. Thank you

  5. My Father suffered thru the same war as Eckharts dad. Thats why the expression “walking on egg shells” feels familiar to me! Maybe you have experienced that kind of childhood as well?

  6. What he said at the end touched me it’s literally my story am youngest of 6 my mother had job so I didn’t get motherly love early tho she loved me most of life she still apologizes to me about my early childhood my older siblings were all girls I was raised with n oh boy girls can be very mean. My whole life i been clueless what/how my behaviour is just like he said in the end. It perfectly describes me that feel visible and acknowledge ??♥️