How to Deal with Life’s Challenges | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

How to Deal with Life’s Challenges | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

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According to Eckhart, even after experiencing a spiritual awakening, we will continue to face challenges in life. And how you respond to these challenges, how you confront them is really what determines how you experience your life. It is not determined by what happens to you, but how you react to what happens.

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  1. This flake this spam fire real people we not human or human being
    We are hu man god man as one family unity balance harmony safe place sacred holy freedom free spirit. Follow this guy leads to the dead really seriously or follow your own essence ullu love our true essence

  2. I wish I could fill up everybody's love tank w all the love I had. Like if I were a love gas station per se…That what I had people could just fill up…if I had it in abundance..I'd just keep giving it away…

  3. Life has thrown me a huge curve ball.

    I am just surrendering to God at this point because a weird sequence of events orchestrated it.

    I still need to work, still need to care for the children, still need to function while I’m challenged and still healing. So I literally have no energy to worry, the only productive thought is to surrender and have faith. I just continue to make todays necessary decisions.

    Life is definitely interesting. Amidst constant change it throws you major curve balls that will change your life completely. Boy oh boy.

  4. I feel like the video didn’t really answer the how-to put forward in the title but was merely describing the issue. Or maybe I am daft for not getting it.

  5. I still don't understand this word 'Being in present moment' How can you be not in the present moment whether you are thinking about past or worrying about future.

  6. Love your videos and the teaching. So obvious when you say it but so difficult. I read your books and more then once. I am usually not a slow learner but life is a challenge. Still cannot understand why I am always getting the same challenging experiences over and over even if I try to react differently. I am a magnet for the same thing on repeat. I do not want to say I am a victim but what is it, am I suppose to learn something I do not get yet, I wish I could see it.