How to Deal With Betrayal | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

How to Deal With Betrayal | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

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When asked about the subject of dealing with betrayal, Eckhart shares that we should be careful with the stories our mind creates.

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  1. This is very timely as we are all being betrayed by our governments, corporations, institutions. But the betrayal disappears as soon as we flat out tap into our own strength and forbid this abuse. We cannot participate in the abuse or we participate in our own destruction.


  3. It's completely understandable to carry the hurt of betrayal, but the ego just wants to keep identifying with the pain and continually renew it. Practicing mindfulness EVERY DAY is the way through it and the ego starts to lose its grip as the pain starts to dissolve. Attention/presence/mindfulness and commitment is the key.

  4. Sometimes a gesture that looks like a betrayal was not a betrayal to the person that didn’t want to be dragged and be locked up forever as a partner in the crime. So, when the secret is liberated to all involved ones it happens a liberation and growth. Unless the secretive person doesn’t recognize that apologizing is the right way to redeem her/himself and all the others. In the case of no apology, the person shows lack of spiritual discernment and end up trapped in grudge for no rational reason, besides the ego. If the heart is pure, it’s easy to apologize – and humbly accept any penalty, if there is one.

  5. One surely cannot just forgive, being human means we are going to feel emotions, they are there for a reason. Feelings have to be processed in order to enable healing, this is not living in the past or future but in fact in the present. If you put your hand in a fire you get burned, that will take time to heal, emotional pain in my humble opinion is exactly the same. Be gentle with yourself, process your emotions, allow yourself whatever emotion you are feeling, a bit like a storm…open yourself up and allow those feelings to pass through put you at the centre of your thinking. Forgiveness I’m not ready yet to forgive, my anger is too fierce….one day it won’t be but at present it is. 💛

  6. Why is the assumption that it's men who are unfaithful when it's the woman who takes the man's name and its the woman who is supposed to be Chase like the man is expected to have integrity it takes 2 all these motivation speakers speak to people as if only women are inquiring and only women desire love and only women desire commitment nothing can be further from the truth Commitment Fidelity Trust is the most important quality valuable to men.

  7. I never blamed him, forgave him within a week, but it still hurt as heck because it was so sudden. Myselfesteem dropped from 0 to -100 but luckily I got friends and a therapist to support me and didn't let me blame myself.
    I definitely learned smt from it and am not going to let it bring me down (this message is more for myself tbh 👀)
    Keep strong people! You're beautiful and dont let some sucker spitting in your soul bring you down 💚

  8. Try and ACCEPT that you are hurt.
    Do I really want to carry this burden of someone's betrayal and resulting anger towards them ? NO they have hurt me enough and I release the burden by completely feeling it
    Betrayal is a huge word, just drop the label and FEEL it in your body

    Also realise that's its not you, anger and pain body are different from you.

    I would have wanted them to behave differently. That expectation was not met in the past. Do I continue to expect the same in future?? No I have a life, just RELEASE the expectation.

    Do I really want to hold a grudge against this person ?? Would I rather not feel love instead ??

  9. The only thing is that some people are aware of what they do, and simply lack remorse or empathy, or they do it on purpose and truly don't care of the consequences. I suppose either way, that person is unconscious, living at a lower vibration, and forgiving them (with healthy boundaries for ourselves) can still work. It's just more scary when we realize HOW low a level they were at, and how different it was than what we thought. Some people only pretend to be at a higher level of spiritual awakening, and manipulate our belief in that. There is a difference between at times slipping down a level, or someone actually being much further down that we first thought. However, it is still a good awakening experience for us when we see that we were subconsciously attuning ourselves to people at lower frequency, and approach with curiosity why we were dimming ourselves to attune with those levels of vibration, only to have it inevitably hurt us.

  10. I feel like I betray myself. Today I lied about my health to get out of work saying that I had a medication issue that caused a seizure. I "never" lie. Normally I would just tell them the truth which is that I forgot I worked and that I would be late. I really just wanted to stay at home with the dogs and catch up on cleaning. Now I'm drinking and feeling guilty. If I would just be careful and more honest with myself and others I would be a better person. I betray myself by not taking better care of my body. Idk I'm sorry Jesus please forgive me and help me to forgive myself.

  11. Thank you🙏🍀 this is so helping me in my relationship. Hé didn’t betrayed me, but hé is a lot of times angry and than I feel my painbody and also creat a story….
    Now I know what I can do!

  12. Obviously, if someone is experiencing "betrayal", in that person at that moment, consiousness is not conscious. There is just "i" person, story identification. So when you tell a person at that state of consciousness to just have another view to what is happening, in that case project your own unconsciousness to another person as an excuse in order to make yourself feeling better, is almost like a self betrayal.
    Yes, the person "committing" the socalled "betrayal" might be very unconscious, but if his/her behaviour causes suffering in you, you as well, are at that point, very unconscious and in touch with the painbody.

    So once you realised, the other person might have done it out of unconsciousness have a look at yourself and make sure, that this is not just a thought to make you feel better, but the outcome of the realisation that you yourself have been trapped in the "i" person identification, which made you call the situation "betrayal", which leaded to suffering as a result.