How To Create The Life You Want To Live | Jordan Peterson Motivation – MasteryTV

How To Create The Life You Want To Live | Jordan Peterson Motivation – MasteryTV

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  1. I like Prof. Peterson's lectures, hate the fact that he absolutely butchers the Bible and twists it into random ideologies the text isn't even hinting at.

  2. In 1990 I was diagnIosed with a severe case of Fibromyalgia, then I was told God had thrown me in the trash. Devasted! So, one day, I traveled into the darkness and there was light! You are so right. Once you take that journey, nothing is the same.

  3. I think you’re really brilliant and I love listening to you, however, I don’t get why you would ever use the example of “looking into the abyss, and seeing your comatose father”….I buried both my mother and my father. I usually get your points and I couldn’t even understand what you meant by saying that, because it was such a disturbing visual. And second of all, couldn’t you find something else to use as an example?
    You help a lot of people. But when you give an example like that and it’s not really clear, do you think that’s conducive to alienating some of your audience? How would alienating some of your audience be helpful?

  4. So true about growing into that which you want to become. First it's a pull or an interest, then it becomes like a habit, then you are doing some of the elements that make it up, then you can't not do that thing that you are doing and it becomes all encompassing, and someone asks you what you are doing, and before you think about it you say, I am playing the guitar and composing music-yes that is what I'm doing, while 5 years has passed so quickly….

  5. I can't wait to see my hero in Detroit this April. JP is helping me understand the GREATNESS in wanting and appreciating any responsibility I can't get my MFing hands on. I honestly have so much more appreciation for my kids my wife and family I thought was a burden before. Listening to these everyday helps me pray and refocus, sometimes accepting my failed attempts and getting back at it.

  6. I feel like I have known this and many things he speaks of in many of his videos…. And that is why I am defeated sometimes… because I know and I have done a lot of it only to be robbed and what I have been able to barely get since, has continued to diminish. I have been forced to miss out on opportunities that I have known and wanted to take part in. As a disabled veteran single father of a disabled child (w/no coparent) and a mountain of things to make up for… my outlook has become dismal. I write this as I still have a smidgeon of hope… I just need to get to the tipping point…. That’s a low ask for a miracle I know.. and my kiddos and I need that.

  7. Motivational Madness. Hmmm. 'MM'…or '33'.. Looking alot like the Gmail symbol , which looks a lot like the Freemason Sheep Cloth Apron. Hmmm. Hmm indeed. Really. I mean if you actually want to understand something, you can. But you ask the question, what does it m an to understand something? So you can re arrange your life ..hahàhaSee what I did there? Hmm

  8. The abyss is complete darkness. Once you go through the abyss you will be able to see the colors of the rainbow more vibrantly- the more challengers you overcome the more you see the world more clearly. You will come out of the other side of the abyss dimming the darkness brightening the light in the process.

  9. 6:43 Find it interesting going to a class in uni for Environmental Engineering where we are to discuss pollution of the air/land/seas while tasked with identifying solutions to these issues, and seeing this play out. Especially considering current woes of the world.

  10. You don’t get to the light by entering into darkness. No more than you could find goodnesses in evil. This is deception leading people in the wrong direction. I’m not at all impressed or deceived.

  11. Wow. WTF is this site?
    What kind of diarrhea losers make a channel that looks like Masterclass and doesn't even know about their content. What do I mean by that, the people who's videos you are ripping off have conflict of interest. You put up conscious liberated people and then mash it with political propagand. Oh wait!!! That's how religion started. With a hint of truth and a f**k ton of bull s**t.