How to Choose Real Priorities

How to Choose Real Priorities

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  1. شكراً جزيلاً برندن. دمت على هذا العطاء و وفقت لكل خير

    Hello Brendon, I just received your book "High Performance Habits" , I'm currently reading "The Charge", and I've already finished "The Millionaire Messenger". How great I am progressing. Thank you from deep heart. All these books I received from your giveaways. Cannot appreciate this favour and kindness only to pray that you be safe and continue helping me and others and we too contribute to share your thoughts, knowledge, and rituals.
    This was Mahdi from Bahrain, Middle East, Lands of Arab.


  2. In the end, just three things matter:
    How well we have lived
    How well we have loved
    How well we have learned to let go.

    (Jack Kornfield)

    His motto sounds to me like a plague

  3. Hey Brendon! I just want to say that I am a huge fan of your books, videos, and everything you post! Lol. You are such a huge inspiration. In fact, you have ignited that spark back in me! It has always been my dream to be an inspirational and motivational speaker, writer, and you have inspired me to do that. You see. I grew up in North Carolina most of my life in the country. I had a really amazing family who always loved and supported me. However, I had huge Dreams and so I decided to move out to the West Coast, somewhere bigger, to chase my passion! I am currently residing in Phoenix. I was reading your book the Millionaire Messenger the other day and it really touched a few heartstrings, because just like you, one of my biggest Role Models and Mentor has been Anthony Robbins. In fact, he was someone who inspired to me to go after my dreams. Anyways, enough about me. Because of you I mustered up the Courage to start my YouTube Channel. I have watched tons of your videos. I have picked up reading again (A huge passion of mine.) I have bought and read High-Performance Habits, Life's Golden Ticket, and I am now currently reading the Millionaire Messenger. I must say, Great Books and Great Videos! Anyways, I was wondering if you could take a look at my videos and Give me your opinions and advice for chasing your dreams and never giving up. It's been very hard because I know everyone in my life loves and cares about me, but they don't see my vision. They don't see my goals. I want to do something Great. I want to contribute and help lots of people. Anyways if you could give me some feedback then that would be Awesome! Thank you Brendon for all that you have done and all that you continue to do. It's people like you that give me Hope in Humanity! God Bless!

  4. Literally today as I was planning my day I asked myself "hmm I wonder whats the best way to prioritize" Considering I have a pretty neverending list of critically important task. I then thought " I wonder if Brendan has a talk on this" 10 seconds later Im here

    the internets awesome lol..fuckin love this guy

  5. Loved this, not new, but the visual was very helpful. I went to my calendar and blocked time. I have made mornings my writing time and follow up time. Though at times my Airbnb guests are checking out, laundry and room changes happen; but I get back on track. Thanks. 🙂

  6. Hi Brendon, new sub- love the way you express it all- the energy – pace- clarity of message. Thanks for being so honest and real in your videos. I’m going to watch all your videos this week 👍👍👍

  7. Hi there I just realized I read a story about how it was Brendon’s first time meeting Dali lama he went to his country I remember reading that lol Follow Freda Burris on FACEBOOK

  8. Organization. Prioritization. Do things and mix with people that are beneficial to you. Be generous with reason. Don't give a fish, but teach how to fish. All requires discipline and determination. Life is fun!

  9. Sometimes we don't want to hurt other people's feelings and be rude by saying no.If it doesn't take that much to be the reason of someone's happiness by sacrificing some of yours…is it too bad?

  10. Help, this video has me in tears. It's exactly as he says. I'm going around doing things that weren't planned, reactive in helping my kids and husband, I'm carrying everybody else, it doesn't feel right because I don't want to do what they want me to do, it's always their emergencies, it does not help me to grow, I'm not passionate about it. All it is, is the last point in the checklist, which is that I am serving others, my family.

    I'm drowning in busy work. I am a stay home mom of 2 with husband at home. I want to focus on growing my business but it's in the back burner. I am scared to bring it to the front too, because.. My husband warns me that I better prioritize the "family's needs" first. If he ever senses that I obsess about something else and I neglect their needs, he will shut down the LLC and I will have no peace from his verbal aggression, to put me back in the correct place. So I pretend not to be thinking about my business. I try not to talk about it with him and I am so lost now.

    How can I prioritize my business…I really want to succeed…God if you can hear me, please help me..😢

  11. Thank you so much for this exercise in awareness. I have pretty much lived my life in Reactive Mode. I had never framed it this way before although I have grown to be aware that my life choices have been made based on where external factors have led me. In this moment I am aware of why I ALWAYS feel like I am behind and never able to catch up. Overwhelmed by the never ending to do list and the anxious feeling that I have to catch up. The sense of urgency to achieve….I could go on but I think you understand. I put it down to the impact of the waves of unexpected life trauma that I did not invite or plan for. I am now 55 and been widowed twice, lost both parents and far too many friends. I have made many important decisions with the needs of others as the first criteria and now I see more clearly how it all connects to how lost, overwhelmed and behind I feel now. WOW! Inside voice.. Big share!!! It is amazing how small influences can resonate with a person to connect the dots! I have much to think about now as I work on aligning all of this. Thank you