How to Change the Way You See Yourself | Rock Thomas | Goalcast

How to Change the Way You See Yourself | Rock Thomas | Goalcast

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  1. Your father was unhappy with himself. Yet he didnt acknowledge he did a hreat job raising such a hardworking respectful son loke yourself. God bless 💫♥️

  2. So u build ur self confidence by repeating self affirmations and having admirable role models. "The most powerful force is how we describe ourselves" whatever u believe is true for yourself "I am_what?" I am confident

  3. You might have changed the software, but the hardware is still the same and feed itself based on approaval. There is no way to achieve happiness if you just don't accept who you are, independently of what others might think.

  4. The best thing to learn from such a relationship is to never do it like this to others. This guy just wanted some love from his parent, and the parent, unfortunately, had unresolved issues.

  5. This hit home. My Dad left us when I was 5. I’m 40 now and it still burdens me. My Dad never came to a game of mine, never helped me with anything in life, never asked about how my life is going. Never asked about my Wife or kids.
    He didn’t show up when my kids were born.
    Last year my Brother killed himself, and my Niece.
    Now my Dad has mental illness, almost lost his home, has mounting debt, and I’m paying out thousands to trying to help him. He won’t talk to me, doesn’t understand whats going on because of his mental illness and is just destroying his own life. He doesn’t understand the strain and hurt this is causing me.
    I’m trying to be the best Dad I can be. Be a good Husband.
    But this burden and ongoing pain is wearing on me.
    But I will keep going. I will still help him, because I’m a better man than him. I’ll show up for my kids, every time because I am a better Father than he was.
    I will be a better husband because I put my Wife before myself.
    I will break this Family tradition. This ends with him.
    Today and everyday. I will be there for my kids, encourage them. Tell them I love them, and I’m proud of them.

  6. Problem I had with my working father no time for me only the money. All you ask for is some validation…but you have to overcome that and believe in yourself whether they support you or not. Only way to take control of your life, you can't live through others. They're too busy living there own lives…live yours!

  7. ok so he was a millionaire by that time as he said had his own restaurant , BUT……….. he lost his job ?? was broke ???? i call bullshit millionaire now real estate ??

  8. You made me cry 😢 Love is not implicit, we have to say it everyday to the people we love and actually show it with actions 😢 your video is so powerful 🙏

  9. The hardest moment for me was realizing how many flaws my biological father truly had. I haven't spoken to him in years, but I really hope that he seeks help for his own problems and struggles.

  10. ​ @rmvannuchi There is a difference between making someone tuff, and making someone depressed. Though they can equal or cancel each other out, throughout this story, it seems his dad not once cared for him. And though he may be in a great place in life now, he wasted 30 years of his life in a hole. He also will never have the memories most of us have of saying "I love you" "Want to come play" and stuff like that and we actually playing with our dad. Memories like that are some that last for a life time. Something everyone should cherish and something so many people would give anything to have memories like that with their dad. I understand what you mean, I am truly truly disappointed in his father, and I truly truly sad for Thomas. May the rush of life flow him down a journey of happiness and greatness.

  11. My father once told my sister that my (then) fiancé (now wife of 32 years) would wind up supporting us. It lit a fire that has never stopped burning. He was a high ranked manager for AC Delco in the world HQ in Flint, MI and very well paid. When I made partner at a packaging firm in 2010, I out-earned him for the first time. Now I own my own packaging company, am working on real estate investments, writing, and more. We have taken our kids on trips to the Caribbean, owned beautiful homes in beautiful places, boats, bikes and all the things that money can buy. More importantly, we have been there for our kids and have a happy marriage as an example of what one looks like.

  12. Je mi jedno ako sa vidím a ako ma vidia a chcú vidieť iní.
    Pre mňa je dôležité čo cítim
    Ja som ja a nie niekto iný. Preto som sama lebo moje pravé ja nikto nevidel ani nechcel vidieť