How to Build Confidence | Robin Sharma

How to Build Confidence | Robin Sharma

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  1. There is so much true value from every single video Robin produces. Especially the personal mastery sessions. Thank you for the love you radiate and quality you provide.

  2. Thanks a lot ❤️
    I have been doing something over and over again and again. I failed several times but I still kept trying. Very recently I was stuck with few bad Comments. This video helped me a lot today. I will continue without any thought of them

  3. So how do you relax into a season? What does relaxing into the season of heartbreak look like? I am scared of practicing an act of sadness because I am scared of it turning into a habit- because as we know, habits shape our life.

  4. Our society punishes those that do not agree. I know what I know, I blame noone for my life. Those that grow some confidence will soon meet those the demand they get in line. This is where most will get in line. Fearful. Others will not. Scared does not work.

  5. This concept of life having seasons has emencly impacted the way I see my life and myself. I have severe bipolar disorder where I am mostly incapacitated for a large portion of the year. This concept has really helped me to understand and accept my illness better rather than continually feeling devastated by my inability to do anything productive for so long. I realize now that I just experience very extreme seasons, but that doesn't mean the time is lost or wasted. Recovering from a manic episode is difficult, but that's just what it is. Its rest and recovery, even if it takes 6 months. Thank you so much, this is truly life changing.

  6. What about seemingly impossible goals? Such as walking on water… And I am not being facetitious. Some of us really have ambitious dreams and not make a buck or two from internet marketing but leave a monumental etch in mankind's psyche. Maybe THAT'S why we fail and suck and feel frustrated, not cuz we are inherently 'losers' or have 'victim mindset'. Funny how perspective works.

  7. I will personally thank you when i am with you in some exotic location and may be over a cup of coffee. Your job is monumentous and i believe it’s really due to the positive intent you have for life and your philanthropic attitude. God bless you always dear.