How to be True to You | #RobinSharma #Shorts – MasteryTV –

How to be True to You | #RobinSharma #Shorts – MasteryTV –

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To lead is to honor you. Your own values and your unique genius. Watch this quick video to help you leave the crowd and celebrate yourself.

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Love + respect, Robin

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  1. This was a perfect message. Thanks for sharing. In a world where everyone is trying to be like someone else some glorious life, It's just best to be authentic 👍🤩

  2. Thank you Sensei. God never manufactures junk and god made everyone different and unique. Every human being can real-ize their dreams. To anyone who needs some help , just like Robin Sir said , being oneself sets one apart from the others , because we all need each other. We need you. So , never give up. Thank you again Robin Sir. I'm grateful for having a teacher like you. God bless you.

  3. Sorry to the 99% who will not read this. Focusing on your passion/purpose and not on the external things most people focus on will show your true self and will make your wildest dreams come true. It is so easy to keep pushing forward when you focus on the right things. Happiness is easy to achieve when you what you love everyday day and define success as focusing on your purpose and not on those long term goals which feel unattainable. The one who get to the finish line are the ones who enjoy the process because they already do what they love , they do not care about the trophy at the finish line. That is why most fall off in the process.