How Stress Affects Your Brain — The Doctors – MasteryTV

How Stress Affects Your Brain — The Doctors – MasteryTV

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Stress can have harmful systemic effects on the body over time, but did you know it can also have a negative impact on your mind? See how the brain processes thoughts and how high levels of stress can suppress cognitive function.

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  1. Vitamins and minerals and supplements and fruits and vegetables and with proper diet and exercise and a better home and All at it's inspirational ly COOL at it's best I'll make life easier People and taking care of yourself is expensive stuff= Good Health and God in The equation and God understand s every one and Merry Christmas to you ALL always.

  2. Stress is part of life, up to a point. Some people just need to learn to handle normal stress. But if possible, notice if there are people in your life that are abusive, or harmful. Pay attention to that- and your personal life. If ignored, that can be very detrimental. Take control. Don't wait to take care of yourself, and learn how to perceive whatever is causing the stress (the stressor) differently, in a way that serves you better, so that coping is less challenging in the mean time. Then begin to think about getting rid of unnecessary stressors ( meaning the ones that are not only NOT necessary for success in life, but also are potentially harmful). I know. Believe me.

  3. My name is Cristy im 48 ive lived in Kalamazoo Mi. For48 yrs. Ive been a singl)e working Mother for28 yrs I was told summer of 2020 im schizo. Im scared of the outcome. Im reaching out to professionals here. Im seeking longterm livein funded paid studys. As this develops I want to be in the right place. Im mentally emotionally and physically exhausyed.

    Please help me find what im looking for.

  4. University is the worst source of stress you can experience. Poverty, insane workload, a lot of new concepts to learn in small amount of time during the whole year, and the need to keep uptodate every single week if you don't want to get kicked-out.

  5. Every single month, I owe more bills than money that I bring home. Every month I endure nasty panic attacks, can't sleep, and just can't think about anything but those damn bills.

  6. I have had to take numerous cognitive tests over the years for Sensory Processing Disorder, and my IQ has usually hung around 110. One time, I had to do some extensive cognitive testing to get accommodations for my SAT, and I was a nervous wreck before all the tests even started. Of course, they did the IQ test when I was already anxious and overwhelmed from the other tests, on top of the fact that it was close to my scheduled lunch time. That time, my IQ score was only 80!!! Of course, I got the accommodations, but, when they told me my score, I was like, "What?! I'm way smarter than that!!" Stress really does make you dumb!

  7. This is so true. When I was a hairdresser I was miserable and sad every single day because I hated it. I also do have clinical anxiety disorder and panic disorder, which obviously didn't help. Now I'm in university studying Archaeology and I feel so much at peace.

  8. well now i know why i cant sleep, over eat, always forget things and have major, border line bipolar mood swings, and am depressed. good to know it's just stress(even though I knew that, this just validates those feelings) and im not out my freaking mind.

  9. I have always said that stress is the cardinal cause of all disease and can make any existing condition much worse. The information in this video is generally sound as far as it goes but little discussion of how replacing key nutrients can overpower the formation of stress hormones in the brain and throughout the body such as the adrenal glands, the stress glands themselves. Pantothenic acid, a member of the B-complex family, is consumed at the rate of about 60 mg per hour under severe stress. The Daily Value for this nutrient is 60 mg per day!! So you have one hour of stressful protection!! Many of the B-complex nutrients also play a role in the stress response cycle such as B-12. These along with adrenal support nutrients can ease the side effects of stress significantly

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  11. I keep on stresing and ahve major anxiety because I believe inam dying. And the simple fact that I do not know is what is eating me alive. If I visit a doctor I think that they might be wrong or that its only going to last a short time. Ive having headachs, cramps, less energy, depression. The cycle just keeps going around and around

  12. Some doctors try to kill their patients with great joy and pleasure. Their are people who do not use doctor at all and live long life's. One of the oldest men in America did not use a doctor his whole life. He died a few years after using one. Medication simply weaken the immune system and could damage the health of the patient and since we have plenty of incompetent and criminal minded doctors and nurses . How can the country guarantee the safety of those patients. Many Hospitals are clearly not willing to or do not have the desire to do so and will try to cover for the criminal doctor. Criminal and incompetent doctors could add up to millions of people dying ,being crippled,sterlized or damaged by doctors. How many victim will a single corrupted doctor kill before going to prison if at all. Been a few article and non-fiction shows. One Doctor confessed to killing 100 people with poison. He was only charged with the last few and he confessed to them. That count could of added up to a thousand. How common are criminal doctors no one knows. Many of the doctors only get sewed or lose their licenses for a short period of time. Lawsuits barely discouraged this type of criminal behavior. More people could end up dead then world War world 1-2 and Vietnam combined.  

  13. Why is Dr. Phil there? He's not even a Doctor. He also goes on a ramble about finding a life passion in order to sell his book. What the hell. Of course it was published by their Exec. Producer. They presented a health problem, a product and no help. Thanks for the shill "Doctors". 

  14. I know im stressed because I suffer from mostly all of the symptoms. Before I was stressed, I was so smart, I could remember everything, and I could focus and concentrate. Now im 18 and I feel so dumbed down. I struggle to remember what I did a couple days ago. Im really worried. So if I somehow relieve this stress, will I ever go back to how I was before stress? I want to be that smart person again who had confidence, good memory, and everything else. Im in college right now and its tough for me because of the stress I have. I know for sure if I had the mind I had before stress, I would probably be getting all a's. Please help, I really want to find a cure for this. 🙂