How Obsessive Thoughts Can Dominate Your Reality | Eckhart Tolle Teachings – MasteryTV –

How Obsessive Thoughts Can Dominate Your Reality | Eckhart Tolle Teachings – MasteryTV –

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In this video, Eckhart shares how obsessive thoughts can color your reality and shares about the oppressor and oppressed idea.

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  1. If we can let go of thé concept of oppression and its frame work, we can stop identifying with either or, so we can tune into connecting with source alone and fall into being inside ourselves.

  2. Thank you for this presentation which is so relevant to our times. Our thoughts can become so cemented in place that we have difficulty considering other points of view, much less the mysterious realms beyond our personal daily experience. However, we can go beyond our surface mind way of thinking to experience a deeper mind. Here is a quote from Steps to Knowledge related to this:
    "Your thoughts are too small, for Knowledge is greater. Your beliefs are too narrow, for Knowledge is greater. Therefore, treat Knowledge with mystery and do not attempt to create a form for it, for it is greater than this and will exceed your expectations…Allow yourself to go beyond ideas. Allow yourself to go beyond habitual patterns of thinking… allow Knowledge to be beyond the mechanical application of your mind so that it may flow into each situation, bless it and give it purpose, meaning and direction." (Steps to Knowledge, Marshall Vian Summers)

  3. Hola eckart me llamo efrain sabes leí sobre tu iluminación y me está pasando algo similar a lo que te pasó me gustaría tener comunicación contigo saludos nesesito muchas respuestas

  4. Now let’s apply this logic of obsessive thoughts to the capitalist system. I’m a free thinker but have always noticed that these videos want people to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to oppressive situations. I’m all for freeing my thoughts from oppressor/oppressed mentality just as I am from those flight/detach/ignore/cowardly hide and passively support an oppressive capitalist system mentality.

  5. Eckhart is wonderful, but he's got it wrong about socialism. Money, and therefore class, and therefore state — these are all illusions/lies that are used to justify treating other human beings as sub-human. Communism and spirituality both seek to eliminate illusions and fantasies. Spiritual teachings and socialism work together, not apart.

  6. Just 1 question, did the Ukrainians think themselves into whatever they got into, it’s all sad. Why are they suffering? How does this law of attraction, thought theory apply there?

  7. I love your videos but had a hard time connecting obsessive thoughts with the idea of appressor and oppressed. Can you elaborate more perhaps in either a comment or another short video?
    Thank you🙏

  8. Just wanna share something that happened to me literally last night. After years of living with daily rage and anxiety, last night I went out with friends and had the best time that I've had for a very long time. When I came back home, it was like all my anger and anxiety issues just disappeared. I forgave everyone and immediately experienced happiness that I've not experienced for a very long time. The anger and anxiety was an illusion the whole time. I woke up as an entirely new person. No more negativity, anger or anxiety. I'm free.

  9. I feel very blesssed to have teachers like Eckhart tolle who are enlightened and is sharing with the world . We just have to use our will , guidance is there . Thank you guru 🙏❤️

  10. I love to read the comments on these amazing messages! It’s so nice to remind myself of the growth and the others that are actively trying to learn these teachings. 🙏🏼❤️ Namaste

  11. For people who don't understand this video, Eckhart is basically saying the woke view of oppressor/oppressed is a dysfunctional product of the egoic mind. It's just another twisted way of saying "I am good, and you are evil."

  12. A brave statement by Eckhart. Sadly, I've started to notice a certain tendency to have him "cancelled". It would be a shame because his teachings are so valuable and much needed in today's intolerant climate, but it seems a lot of people are engaged in collective reactivity towards his message.
    8 years ago when I found "The Power of Now" I would recommend it to people from all walks of life and arouse a lot of enthusiasm. Nowadays not so much; the spectrum seems narrower.

  13. Yes, the problem is not as much taking the wrong side but taking sides all together. This creates this toxic divisiveness which has been growing in the world so much in recent years.

    It's this fanatical view that you and those who agree with you are right and good and everybody else is wrong and evil.

    This is what really fuels all wars because it keeps people endlessly fighting while blaming the other side.

  14. We live in a world today where the supremacist narrative and the oppressed narrative are synonymous. This complicates matters greatly, since the supreme power is claiming to be the oppressed one. It adds to the armoury of the oppressor if you will, makes the subject unmentionable, beyond criticism. Such is true supremacy, they have all the power but the real problem is you for pointing it out!

  15. I’m so thankful I no longer live in my head drowning in negative thoughts. All that effort as well as the continued work it takes to remain quiet minded is worth it. ❤️ from Phoenix, Az.

  16. Ein Zwang ist eine unbewusste Gedanken Struktur und Form, letztendlich eine Variation des Widerstandes und Nichtakzeptanz des TODES der Form.
    Der Puls des Lebens ist auch der Puls des Sterbens. Expansion und Kontraktion sind ein Ganzes.
    Einzig das Bewusstsein löst den Zwang…
    Bis zum nächsten Sterben in das was IST…

  17. Please pass message to dearest Eckhart to give us a talk about how to be in the current situation , Russia , Ukrain, economic crisis, information wars, hatred and division. We need you Eckhart !!!!! 💗💗💗💗

  18. I wish I knew this at 12.. Not that I had obsessive thoughts but that I can see this is utterly critical to know. Its such a shame because it shows how far society is behind the curve of good thinking.