How motivation can fix public systems | Abhishek Gopalka

How motivation can fix public systems | Abhishek Gopalka

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How do you fix broken public systems? You spark people’s competitive spirit. In a talk about getting people motivated to make change, public sector strategist Abhishek Gopalka discusses how he helped improve the health system of Rajasthan, a state in India home to more than 80 million people, using the powers of transparency and public accountability. “Motivation doesn’t just appear,” Gopalka says. “Something needs to change to make you care.”

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  1. Ibused to be teached by an indain professor , he had the same approach of teaching, the way of speaking, the slowely talking , the movements of his hands , even the look
    Stunningly beautiful & Informative

  2. Generally, motivation is a way to elicit someone's movement through 'compensation'. But Abhoskhek's motivation strategy is not centered on 'compensation' but on some kind of 'force action'.

  3. In 2010, IMR was 55, 2015 – IMR 43; There was declining trend anyways.
    The key to success of public health system improvement is to motivate healthcare professionals to join public healthcare and serve in rural areas and creating more supply of healthcare professionals. Earlier some states such as TN used to have quotas for drs who serve in rural areas for PG seats.
    Second, there is a need to invest in healthcare infrastructure. Why does Sudha have to walk 5km, govt should provide a PHC or atleast a sub-centre in 1 km distance.
    All types of intrinsic motivation, driving accountability type stuff may improve things, but only marginally.