How Mindfulness, Meditation & Manifesting Can Improve Your Life | Emily Fletcher

How Mindfulness, Meditation & Manifesting Can Improve Your Life | Emily Fletcher

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  2. Amazing! Emily is so funny and that meditation at the end was simply incredible! I know it's well over a year and a half later so I couldn't really focus on the weekend like she asked but I did see what my next steps are…

  3. MY PERSONAL TAKE ON MEDITATION apologise a bit long
    True deep mediation is spiritual by nature it is healing nerve pathways and strengthening then in turn this heals the body and mind; it has no material or materialistic goal in its self; meditation is really about getting to a optimum state of self awareness and connection with one self and your surroundings it raise your brains alpha waves which trigger or fuel the body and minds healing processes and over time optimise these. stress is a state, deep meditation is a state by practising on a daily base you raise your tolerance base line to stress you need to develop your own system and own it, you eventually develop what professional athletes ,gym nuts, and guru call instinctual training. You know within a few minutes of starting practice what your needs are and the ability to adjust throughout the session and eventually you take this ability into everyday life (with lots and lots of practice) your sense of self is greatly enhanced and your ability to heal yourself becomes instinctual. It is tolerance levels to stress that matter if you have no tolerance to anything then you’re in a frozen state of perpetual fear and probably severely depressed and very low self esteem. The higher your tolerance to stress the better you feel and the greater your ability to reach/obtain/ stay/stay longer, in an optimum STRESS STATE , WE NEED CHALLENGES TO PERFORM meditation gives you the ability to PERFORM and with constant daily practice to PERFORM LONGER AND ACHIVE MORE WITH LESS TENSION. Another word for stress is tension. The ultimate definition of no tension is death. The ultimate definition of performing at your peak is optimum tension in other words in the zone for me Zhang Zhuang and Brocade of Eight practice cover all the bases as standing meditation has the added advantage of making you fit and solves the mind body connection. 40 minute of standing meditation is known to double red and white blood cells and seriously increase your haemoglobin and along with Qi Gong practices has incredible healing powers it been documented in china and used in Chinese hospitals to great effect on immune based diseases, cancer, arthritis, Pulmonary heart conditions etc Google it please do.
    On average it takes 15 minutes to let go in meditation. It is a good idea to do some pre stretches, Tai Chi or Qi Gong for approximately 20 minute sorry no apologise I prefer Chinese/Asian standing and sitting meditation and Qi Gong. I prefer standing as the mind and body are connected the system of Zhang Zhuang is progressive system going from a few basic warm up exercises to an hour plus a day and harder more in depth stances and in advances levels directing the chi/bio energy/scientist have know confirm what the Chinese and Indian cultures have known for approximately 10,000 years= Chi or Qi exists they called it bio energy.
    I like to also incorporate cloud hands and the three swings. I vary my practice based on how I am on that day; like today I went deep! To do this I directed my focus to listening and I close my eyes to start, I consciously place my head talk further in the back ground as if I was placing an instrument in a mix to the rear of the sound field by using delay and space and it becomes quieter in significant it eventually fades away. I remind myself to listen this is inward and outward eventually distant sounds sound nearer and sharper ( I am in my garden wrap up as it is cold) I have a sense of sung/letting go (I can’t always achieve this and I don’t worry if it doesn’t happen. In that case I apply more position changes and add some movements and direct my attention 10 feet in front of me on the ground and soften my gaze or imagine I am walking slowly through a fantastic Japanese garden or a winding path through mountains…this is the crux to get good at meditation OF ANY TYPE TAKES DAILY PRATICE, DEDICATION, PERSEVERANCE.
    I HAD A WHEEL CHAIR MARK FOR ME AND SUFFERD DISC DEGENERATION IN MY LUMBAR; TODAY I CAN STAND STILL ON EITHER LEG. I could not sit still; I was a chronic alcoholic and drug addict. Even when I got sober over six years ago I was in a lot of pain due to my lumbar disc degeneration and needed a new hip my BP was through the roof and I was smoking like a trooper. Coffee!!! 15 cups a day.
    I have had to stop smoking due to Pericarditis 2 hospital visits C.O.P.D and the fact I want to live a while longer with energy to-do things.
    This is the point of mentioning this I was still able to meditate and exercise I’ll admit it not as effective but probably saved my life.

    Today I have recently given up milky coffee with 3 sugars; it is now tea with no sugar and milk. I don’t smoke, I am now free of all nicotine aids that a miracle in its self.

    Fear got me on the right path but an understanding and reasonable regular practice plus I did have lessons years ago so group meditation and daily self practice plus meditating in uncomfortable places hospital waiting rooms standing in cues on transport with noisy school children or just before you’re going to talk to a group of strangers or whenever there a delay of any kind don’t go to social media to moan sink inside yourself smile sit or stand alignd if possible or if squashed in a crowed relax let the crowd support you; root yourself deep breath sung/breath out let go and… and laugh, it works just keep at it.
    If really up the wall try some slow walking.. I do a little each day with knees unlock using my hips to shift my weight this is really good for my osteoarthritis and some basic TAI CHI BALL strengthen my back knees and ankles and has saved my back, Google it please
    There are different types of breathing so Google as these can be a powerful aid.
    I have been about to explode and slow walk while venting my anger verbally and eventually feel ok and laughing.

    A final word on Zhang Zhuang it gives you strength and endurance, it improves power and raises tolerance levels there are lying positions and exercises for when your unwell yes it safe to practice with medical conditions but always have a chat with your medical practitioner first ..I’m in the UK so that my GP..They just think I’m a bit well hypo and a little manic
    To bring from standing to moving meditation the ability to bring that into everyday living and endurance to do what you want to do.

    Look 15 minute in the morning is great but deep meditation, healing meditation is where the real miracles happen.. it is a dedication a way of life and diet, spiritual concepts how you treat others, self honesty

  4. With due respect , mindfulness is NOT bringing your attention into the present moment .. That one is simply called “ being present “ .. Mindfulness means being aware of one’s emotions as they are happening without bringing judgment to them.. You’re welcome ..

  5. Wow, Emily's explanation and the breakdown really opened up my eyes to a whole other perspective of the concept and idea of 'meditation'. It's not that I was doing it wrong, but rather, as she stated, only temporary, pain-killer effects. I never thought of it as long term effects and correlation with manifesting. This is incredible and my goodness, Emily's energy and aura in the room is just so invigorating. Thank you for this wonderful video sharing to MindValley. I hope to be able to incorporate these techniques into my life very soon. 🙏

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  7. I healed my depression back in 2014 with mindful meditation(stopped to smoke and moved countries too, meditation changed me completely) . Meditation is powerful. ❤️

  8. Thanks a lot dear Emily, I tried this tech of manifesting right now I am greatful to you & universe.
    I do meditation regular basis min twice since 6 yes, I do chanting regular since 2015,whatever I wish usually it is fullfied still I was always confused About what I want to manifest, today after watching this video I tried this tech & I am happy to share my experience with you.
    I am a gynecologist running maternity hospital for last 30 years. Today second gravida came, when I examined her I thought she will take whole night. So I done chanting & meditation &as you have guided I decided to take small steps, &I wish right now I want to manifest her delivary before 12 midnight and she delivered at11. 55pm sharp.
    I am so happy that my manifestation worked. Thanks a lot for sharing such great techniques.
    As you sugesed I express my gratitude and wished that my life purpose is to give safe motherhood

  9. I did this and it works. I manifested something that I've been trying to do for three years or more. It happened within hours. Thank you, thank you and thank you. It really works. 🙌🤣👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👍

  10. Mindfulness and meditation, I thought they were the same? So mindfulness to deal with the present, then what kind of meditation to deal with the past? Great presentation.

  11. As a person I sincerely respect this person and her accomplishments which are certainly greater than mine, yet they way she uses her hands irritates me profoundly. Holy Mary meditation has been an established practice for centuries and centuries, and just now it’s the hot new process.

  12. I started meditating recently and what she is saying is definitely on point! She has a very goofy/humorous delivery which can come across off putting to some but don’t let it make you think this isn’t legit! My life is seriously changed after meditating and I can’t recommend it enough!

  13. "Deswrve" bad word in our culture. you have to work for what you deserve" mantra that religions screw in our heads . In Grace Gifts arent earned they're given & received from JC. Allowing this is an easier word to dance with. Knowing what I want has been the biggest!! And letting go (squashing out self sufficiency out of?? Why !! )