How Legendary Leaders Speak | Robin Sharma

How Legendary Leaders Speak | Robin Sharma

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One of the primary jobs of a leader and an A-Player is influence.

Yet so few people understand the hidden dynamics of masterful communicators and how the great heroes of humanity inspired their followers, via their words.

And so I created this Mastery Session that deconstructs the 5 most powerful skills the best influencers on the planet practice.

This episode will also be super helpful to you as you grow relationships with your loved ones and friends.

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  1. 7 minutes in you're still talking about negatives, fears and stuff – not great leader talk. When you started talking about yourself it started with "Im not perfect, Im flawed" before prefacing something you're good at. What is missing here that should be obvious on how leaders talk: Rock solid strong direction, unmovable confidence. Listening as a service is not a leadership skill (more of a follower skill). Listening from leadership is about undestanding how every person's personality, strenghts and needs align with the bigger mission, then reorienting the person towards a win / win objective taking those things in. "When you are vulnerable people will fall in love with you" can be true unless your vulnerability consists on showing weakness. Regardless, well intented video and obviously a smart guy, take my negs here as constructive, unsolicited feedback. Cheers.

  2. After reading all the Sharma Sir's books,I realized that all these books knowledge is included in a single "Bhagawadgita"(Narrated by God, not son of God or messenger of God)