How Julianne Hough Changed Her Story at Date with Destiny – MasteryTV –

How Julianne Hough Changed Her Story at Date with Destiny – MasteryTV –

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Performer Julianne Hough spent years believing she had to be perfect and prove herself, which left her feeling trapped and unloved. “People would come into my life, but I knew it wouldn’t last,” she says. This limiting belief was preventing her from seeing the love she already had all around her with her friends and family. Her first Date with Destiny event allowed her to reconnect with her emotions and discover her true self. She realized she didn’t have to work so hard to be lovable – she just had to be herself. As she tells it, “I blocked out the love I had because it was easier. I needed to figure out how to receive the love instead of just always giving.”

Limiting beliefs are a key theme of Date with Destiny because they are such a powerful driver of our thoughts, decisions and actions. You can download a FREE Guide to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs at to get started transforming your own mindset – but there’s no substitute for a live event like Date with Destiny. Julianne had such a powerful experience at her first event, she came back the next year to dive deeper into herself and found the strength to create the life she’s been seeking all these years.

Julianne says, “Date With Destiny allowed me to come back to who I am and create the life that I want.” The most transformational piece for her was identifying her values – and how to start living by them. She continues to repeat her values to herself every day: I am love, I am honest, I am committed and I am faith. Your values are an integral part of who you are. Learn more about them at so you can live a more authentic life.

Julianne learned how to take the story that left her feeling empty and disempowered and change it into one that makes her feel loved, connected and valued. She learned to embrace her emotions, letting go of the pretense of strength she thought she needed to uphold. And she transformed her light from artificial to authentic, discovering that her true light comes from inside, not from other people. Get started changing your story at and attend Date with Destiny for a life-changing experience.

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Date With Destiny is a six-day seminar designed to help participants live out their ultimate purpose by gaining absolute clarity on what matters most in their lives. Designed by the world’s #1 authority on personal growth – Tony Robbins – this event shows people what drives every behavior, thought, decision and emotion they experience. Participants will discover their true purpose, improve every relationship in their lives and design the life of their dreams as they fully reshape their destinies.

Date With Destiny is unlike ANY other event on the planet – it’s Tony’s favorite event because of the depth of transformation that occurs. During this intensive program, participants will eradicate destructive subconscious behaviors, create personal vision statements and use Tony’s proprietary 9 Elements of Impact System to get an overview of everything that influences the world they live in. Graduates of the program range from people like Grammy winner musician Melissa Etheridge to world-renowned dancer, choreographer, actor and singer Derek Hough.

Now available as an immersive virtual event, Tony Robbins’s Date With Destiny is drawing larger crowds than ever before as people seek to ignite their passions and take control of their lives once and for all.

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  1. I can repay your positive contribution in my life with a 'Thank You'. Some of the material you endorse makes for better perspectives , attitudes and conscience. May God continue to use you as a servant and bless you and your family. Me hope the world treats you and your family and team kindly. Your efforts are appreciated and yes, encouraged to grow from strength to strength. I pray you continue to show restraint where needed and focus on whatever is truely important. Thank you.

  2. Thanks to Tony Robbins. I have been following his advice for many years now. Following his footsteps, I am able to publish a book, which I am now releasing as audio-book chapter by chapter on my YouTube channel. Audio vlog of 1st chapter titled Success = Rising Up (One Last Time) is due to premiere in less than 20 minutes. I look forward to your blessings and support. Each day a new success mantra will be shared through audio-book on the channel.