How I Went From $200 to $40,000 in 3 Years. 4 Quick Tips – MasteryTV –

How I Went From $200 to $40,000 in 3 Years. 4 Quick Tips – MasteryTV –

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Hey, i’m here in Porto de Galinhas and I wanted to share with you how I ended up here with such freedom.
You know… It wasn’t too long ago I worked at Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, and a Watch Repair Store working for minimum wage. Within three years I have been able to go from $200 (estimated) to $40,000 I’ve followed a very simple path. In this video I briefly explain to you four things I did to get me where I am today.
1. Save $1,000 each month
2. Use that money you save to pay off debt
3. Double down on one main stream income or diversify
4. Live a bare minimum life style. Meaning, live a humble life style.
Hope this helps someone!

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Yoon Ho Kim
Korean American Sailor
United States Navy

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  1. I like watching your videos! You motivate me to save/invest more than you. I’m less than 3 years in the Navy with $58k saved in the Navy as an Air Traffic Controller. I’m hoping to get to at least $400k in the next two years.

  2. Ok. After April 4th, I want to save for a mini ranch here in Louisiana. I've never done this in my life, so its a huge challenge. I've toured the world already, partied, been a social butterfly so now I'm ready to plant roots & grow weed & possible breed race horses. Hopefully! u can help me.😕

  3. Im 18 and thinking about joining the Navy. how much will I make if i enlist for 4 years?
    and Im living with my family now I just want to get out and the Navy seemed a good idea

  4. Is it even possible to save more than what you're doing or are you basically living as basic as possible, like would it be near impossible saving 17k-19k per year as an e3 or something?

  5. So you are on leave? I am supposed to report to your ship in 3 weeks. I'm stationed on a cruiser right now. I really don't know what to expect lol.