How I Went From $200 to $130,000 Within 5 Years In The Navy – JustYoon Military Money – MasteryTV –

How I Went From $200 to $130,000 Within 5 Years In The Navy – JustYoon Military Money – MasteryTV –

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How I Went From $200 to $130,000 Within 5 Years In The Navy

Time Stamp
0) 00:37 Prior to joining the Navy.
1) 01:23 Consistently Learn
2) 05:11 Get Rid of Debt & Track My Money
3) 06:22 Golden Rule to Military Financial Independence
4) 07:21 Investing
5) 09:22 Humility Inside and Out
6) 10:46 BONUS

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Keep Track of My Money Using Excel:

Why CAGR? I didn’t keep track of how much realized gain I made and gains of reinvestments. On average Y/Y 20-30% ROI is what I shoot for, with a lot of money coming in and out of my account I can’t give you a definitive number. CAGR ,I believe was the best way to know exactly what the growth rate was factoring in Navy Pay + Investments + Google + MISC (cash back & ETC).

Videos Throughout The Years
$200 to $10,000
$200 to $22,000
$200 to $40,000
$200 to $50,000
$200 to $90,000
$200 to $100,000
$200 to $250,000 Incoming…… Predictions in the comment section ^.^
What above shows is this. The more knowledge I’ve obtained, the faster my growth rate became.

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Korean American Sailor
The Frugal Sailor

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  1. im sooo glad i found you… just getting ready for bmt and im already planning how to budget and where to invest (i felt like a nerd while doing so and im not even in) but watching your video makes me realise is the right step to take

  2. you need to get stationed overseas, or go to a sea command that is not a ship that deploys with per-diem… I went unaccompanied overseas and was making 11k a month as an E6 getting dual BAH….

  3. Yoon, you have come a long way from the bottom bunk in the Supply berthing. Awesome vid. It's great to see your growth and progress. You came to my mind and I said let me take a look at his channel to see how he's doing. I see all is well. Take at look at ARK Investments and Cathie Wood the modern day Warren Buffett everything she touches will eventually turn to gold. Sent you a text to the number you had back on the Lincoln about the AAPL & TSLA splits back in August; If you didn't get in then it's still time. Anyway take care and continued success. PS1.

  4. You’re basically saying anyone with discipline and dedication can do it. That’s how I lived my life as well. Here is the thing, most people will not be disciplined to be financially comfortable. People in general are impatient. Keep the course Yoon, it’s becomes better as you see your growth. My motto is: If it were easy everyone would be a millionaire! Another tip for you is to stop paying those financial courses and seminars, that’s how those people get rich!! Not on my dime!! You can get the same info on YouTube for free! The best self help book I ever read was: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff and Everything thing is Small by Richard Carlson. Good Luck!

  5. Hey JustYoon you should make your own money/budgeting app. You have so much knowledge which you love to share. You have a very likable channel. I feel like you would excel if you made your own app or website

  6. Yoon I’ve been following you since I joined the military. I admire your progress you’ve made so far and I try to mirror your progress since we joined the service about one year apart. I’m close to 100k only by a couple of thousand I should hit it before my 5 year mark. Do you put in any money into TSP? a good chunk of my income goes towards TSP and has your goals in the military change are you planing to stay in? Or commission? I relate with you in the aspect that I haven’t been studying to make rank because I’m more focused in investing.

  7. I feel that rank issue you have is not valid . What you have taught yourself is something most people do not have focus to do or balls to do . Time will pass in the military and rank will eventually come . You are making the most of this time passing by making your money make money instead of spending your finite time for it .

  8. Holy shit dude that men’s fashion channel you and the you now, it’s like 2 different people. Would you say you don’t really care about clothes and fashion anymore? Like you have realized that there is more to life? And holy shit, this is probably my favorite video from you, thank you for your invaluable contents and advice