How Do You React to the Things That Happen? | Eckhart Tolle – MasteryTV –

How Do You React to the Things That Happen? | Eckhart Tolle – MasteryTV –

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Eckhart shares with us that a bad reaction to things in our life can cause even more problems. It’s a response of the ego, and it conditions how you live and experience things.

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  1. The BEST 7 Minutes of Eckhart Tolle I ever heard.
    7 minutes of essential instruction "how to enounter life happenings with wisdom".
    Now I have to practice…
    Thank you so much Eckhart 🕉️

  2. Eckart I can’t stop worrying about my exams coming up, I am always worrying about getting revision done, that I’ve not done enough, that I’m not enjoying it and that I will fail. It takes up my whole day. Do you have any advice

  3. I have carried a heavy pain-body with me for years, and these teachings have helped guide me so much. I hope it does the same for anyone who is watching and know I understand your journey ❤️❤️

  4. When under duress I learned the 6 7 8 method i learned from a Buddhist monk: breed in for 6 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds then release the air for 8 seconds do it for 3 times, you'll feel more relaxed.

  5. What do you think about AllatRa?. I am reading a new earth, and your teachings are like the ones that Igor Mikhailovich Danilov is giving to us. So, I would you to tell us about AllatRa.

  6. Big difference between reaction (conceptual mind) and response (consciousness from presence).
    Thanks Eckhart. ⛳⛩🎪🎪✔🦌⚽️🤩🐥🏍🌎

  7. Your life is determined by how you respond to what happened.
    Karma is action, reaction, action, reaction…
    Thanks Eckhart. 💡✔😎🍇🦌🍮⚽️

  8. Thanks to your teachings I'm now managing brief bursts of present awareness in between rampant ruminations of the ego…. and that makes all the difference as to whether I'm getting dragged deeper in to the dwellings of the pain body or whether I'll be able to respond in a neutral way. Thank you, Eckhart!