How Do You Practice Presence in Business? | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

How Do You Practice Presence in Business? | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

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According to Eckhart, most businesses operate under stresses that create a toxic work environment. What he suggests instead is to set goals, then be as joyful as possible in the present moment. In this way, your Presence is uplifting to all those around you.

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  1. Hats off to Eckhart!!!! He spoke my mind!!!….Indian private companies should definitely invite him for a talk.
    They definitely need to hear this……

  2. I thought that now was a like a photograph,then I got it and watched a football match totally in the now for around twenty minutes,was amazing. Trying to get back there ☺️

  3. Encountering difficulties is normal. There're two responses. Conscious Response: examine your relationship with difficulties and remain present and joyful. Unconscious Response: identify with ego response and be stressful and angry.
    If the journey is joyful, you are more likely to reach the destination.
    You are present when you're focused more on the joyful doing now, and less on the future goal.
    Thanks Eckhart. 🌷💯🌲📯🤡🌛🥁💎

  4. Love him but he said himself he's not in the business environment…some of this is easier said than done…is he kidding, love being at work??? Make the environment as pleasant as possible?? I mean I personally agree but it's not realistic in many companies. The greater amount of people are working to pay the bills and are happy if their work environment isn't too stressful.

  5. The Word of God speaks to you via the thoughts in your head. If you don’t like them, then maybe you are not truly in harmony with God. God is in the wind. He speaks to you in whispers in your mind. However, trying to stop your thoughts, change, or subdue them just pushes off the inevitable until God comes at you screaming to listen to Him. Then as you listen, the speech will return to gentle whispers. ☀️

  6. १९१०आश्विन-कार्तिक२०२१,मंगलवार,प्रभात सुबह उदय,११:५४/२३:५४
    ।। ओम (ॐ) गम गम गणपति नमो नम:। श्री सिध्दिविनायक नमो नम:। श्री अष्टविनायक नमो नम:। गणपति बाप्पा मोरया ।।
    ।। श्री गुरू चरण सरोज रज नीज मन मुकुर सुधारि बरनोउ रघुवर विमल जसु जो दियकु फल चारि बुध्दिहिन तनौ जानिके सुमिरो पवन कुमार….।।
    ।। ओम (ॐ) भूर्भव स्व तस्य वितुर्ण वरण्य भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धयो योना: प्रचोदयात ।।

  7. In business I find that sometimes I need to make a sacrifice and do things that I do not necessarily enjoy doing in order to achieve a specific goal.

    Is the trick here instead to become at peace with these tasks and not allow them to cause stress/suffering?

    So essentially, you become at peace with the present regardless of if you enjoy the task and not allow yourself to get stressed by the doing?