How Do I Step More Deeply Into Presence?

How Do I Step More Deeply Into Presence?

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Can you explain more about the “surface” of the present moment? How can we go deeper? The “surface” of the present moment …

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  1. Thank you Eckhart, I can't even describe how much your teachings have helped me. I'm still going through my spiritual awakening and I feel it will soon be over. Thank you Eckhart for everything.?❤

  2. Eckhart maybe you have answered this question in a previous YouTube video and I have just not found it yet. However, I am hoping you could share with us how you got into that Deep Present State when you were beginning your journey. Also how can we stay there or as you say “be rooted” in Deep presence? I believe I get there, but can not stay there. All of the sudden, I am back in ego. I only realize I have returned to my ego mind when I find myself having unpleasant thoughts about something/someone or I start to react negatively to some condition that appears. I would love to know some tools that might help me to strengthen my ability to stay rooted in deep presence.

    Thank you JS???

  3. The single most valuable teachings I have ever encountered (and I'm familiar with and drawn to Buddhist teachings, meditation etc etc). So helpful. Many heartfelt thanks..

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