How craving attention makes you less creative | Joseph Gordon-Levitt

How craving attention makes you less creative | Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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  1. Thank you for the speech, I understand that thought to well about wanting attention, I do it in my writing I get so far and start wondering what others will think or what mistakes I made that people will judge and it just never goes far… Then I start erasing and yeah I'm pretty much screwed after that but when I don't think about what others would say or how they would react I've wrote beautiful music that I love to listen to myself. That feeling is so beautiful! I wish i had it everytime i wrote and now thanks to this video I have a different deeper understanding of that creative crushing thought pattern. Thanks again

  2. wow this was FANTASTIC!!!! I lead a Creative Accountability Group online for creatives to focus on creating for the sake of creating, and to collaborate with other creatives so I saw so many connections here!

  3. my philosophy entirely, I am gonna remain anonymous online and irl, I am gonna go under a sudanym because I hate the attention but love the creative process.

  4. this is a very, VERY impactful TED talk. thank you for this, mr. joseph gordon-levitt. not to mention, he is a very gifted speaker. wow.

  5. Loved this. I already loved his work but now he took my respect for him to another level. Stop seeking external validation. People will always give their opinion, ESPECIALLY if you don´t ask them for it, so, what do you care? Do what you wanna do ´cause you won´t be able to stop those opinions but you can be happier by deciding not to care. Don´t do anything because you want attention, that´ll be the end of you. You´re an actor? a musician? Don´t make the terrible mistake of doing it as a means to get "famous" or "rich". You´ll feel bad all the time. Do it because you love it, not because of anything outside from that. And the same goes to any profession or whatever you do. Take fame out of the picture. It´s just an example. The worst answers to "why do you wanna be an actor?" I heard were from classmates in my acting class. "Because I wanna be famous" said one person, "because I wanna be admired and worshipped" said another, "because I wanna be rich". I said "because I always loved movies and series and I wanna see how I feel doing it". Nothing external. And I tried it and found out I enjoy singing, music and writing more than acting. I would only be interested in playing complex characters or villains. i´m not gonna play part I hate just because I wanna make money out of it. I´d feel miserable. Money does not mean happiness. At all. The instant response I usually get when someone hears me say that, or read it on a post such as this one, and I guess because they feel I feel like this superior artist being and I´m NO ONE and I´m NOT GOOD is usually something like "you probably say that because you can´t act". That´s cruel and mean. What do I do? Nothing. That person doesn´t know how I feel when I act or how much I like it. Why should I care or reply with a good comeback? I´m not like that. I´m not mean. And the fact that others don´t like what you do, and that even so, that makes you happy (Please don´t twist my words and say this can apply to anything you love, like I dunno, the awful things Ted Bundy did) is everything you need to care about. Don´t let the pursuit of external validation contaminate your art or whatever it is you do and make you feel ashamed. Just do what you love because you love it. The internet is not the enemy. People are. We are our worst enemies. Clichés are usually true. Don´t let anything or anybody dictate your feelings. Most of all, don´t let them prevent you from being happy and make you feel depressed. They´re not worth it. Learn to love yourself, that is achieved through self-discovery, self-examination, humility and many more things. Everyone´s journey is different. That´s why opinions don´t matter. So don´t care about them and be free. Peace.

  6. Apart from already being a good actor, he surely captured viewers and listeners with his intelligent and creatively constructed talk here on Ted. Lots to reflect on from this sharing especially about how one can establish the state of flow. Respect ???

  7. That's some deep stuff. It's not only creativity but also productivity sometimes. If something won't bring attention it's not worth doing. And that's very messed up.