How Can We Collectively Deal With Traumatic Situations? | Eckhart Tolle

How Can We Collectively Deal With Traumatic Situations? | Eckhart Tolle

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Eckhart shares his thoughts on the “growing pains” of human evolution, and how traumatic situations are part of the awakening of humanity.

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  1. The timing of this video, with the current war situation, is to show how even this war is an unconscious reaction to past unconsciousness and power games.

  2. Strange how Eckhart takes sides here politically, bashing our ("white"?) American politicians reacting to Islamic barbarism while disregarding the ("brown"?) Islamic state terrorists attacking our western civilisation. I'm not even sure either if the western crimes of the past century, Holocaust included, where "so much worse" than the still ongoing millions of daily crimes committed in the Islamic failed states towards women, children, opponents … Is Eckhart getting old? Or woke? And the subject of this video wasn't really dealt with, either …

  3. Anyone reading this. I promise you you don't know how blessed you are to come across someone like Eckhart Tolle. I assure you in 500 years time "he" will be revered in a similar light to buddha, krishna, the rest.

    I've seen a glimpse of the truth, 2, 3 times now. The ego resists…"i" was a little scared when the truth came due to my external circumstances to let go.

  4. 🙏🙏🙏Namaste, and Thank You🙏. THIS Resonates…Please, Mr. Eckhart Tolle, go on, continue with more of this very topic. It is very helpful.

    Thank You for BE-ing (here!), Present, in the Now!!! Blessings, and Honor, Respect, Kindness, Peace to and with ALL!!! Namaste🙏❤🌟❤🙏

  5. We have the money, the technology, the scientific know-how, to create a kind of paradise. But we are led by the least among us, and the least intelligent. " -Terence McKenna

  6. Jesus once again came to visit and listen again <3 🙂 what a miracle ~ and rightfully so, he doesn't seem too happy about the nightmare the ego has forced upon each human being

  7. I wanted to MENTION this mans research in a book on recovery I wrote and he and his staff refused to let me introduce his research so people had other avenues of self realization and strength. SAD.

  8. Thank you, Eckhart. Your gentle, mindful speech and hard-won wisdom inspires my soul and heals my heart. And your humour helps me to not take myself too seriously. Ego, you can take a rest. 

    My heart goes out to the person who asked this important question born of his own personal suffering and the collective people of his country and culture.

  9. I am Ukrainian, but I do not live in Ukraine for a lot of years.. I am searching for some kind of video from Eckhart or Byron Katie which can help me to somehow except what is going on there now.. But nothing really helps..

  10. I’m sorry Uncle Eckhart can you please talk to Andrew Weston and Saryon Michael White, I am having issues with the sacred energy exchange between them and it’s probably Andrew Weston’s fault because he keeps falling asleep.

  11. So called terrorism appeared as a response to long term neglect and abuse committed on those nations by the Western world states, mainly the US and UK. Instead of looting and robbing Americans should help those nations to develop their resources and lift their people out of poverty line. But contrary happens and 9/11 is rightful consequence of Uncle Sam's dealings with the Third World for decades. London City Corporation controlling power over this world brought a correct respond in enslaved people. I pity Middle-Eastern countries and understand their pleas for justice. American boot is heavy and pressing. No wonder people of the world hate the US government and try to take a revenge on people who harmed them in so many ways. Even native Americans, blacks and white supremacists have bad feeling about their government what to say about those who are treated like flies and bugs in Aftica, Middle East and Asia….?