How Can I Decide Who Is to Be My Partner? | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

How Can I Decide Who Is to Be My Partner? | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

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In this video, Eckhart is asked the question “How can I decide who is to be my partner?” by the audience, so he explains how unconditional love and physical attraction aren’t incompatible.

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  1. If all is energy, and then you fall in love with the same energy reflecting back, either I accept the reflection of my energy or not? Sometimes ppl "play you back" mirror You to feed off your energy..and feed you with Your energy.. Usually at the beginning of a relationship. Once you've shared space and time.. Then the shadows start to emerge, your own and the counterpart. How well one live with one's own shadow..? That's what I got listening to this 🤗

  2. Love is the total allowance of all that is. unconditional love means allowing all to be, so so love everything about any lifeforms, the beauty of the forms the essences … all of it


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    Matthew Took
    1 minute ago
    I just want to let eckhart know constantly talking about being enlightened to unenlightened people is potentially very harmful to them as it imposes unrealistic expectations on them and ultimately the experiences and reactions that are described are only relevant to enlightened people. When I am enlightened I will dutifully nod my head with the man. Let me explain it is very dangerous believing what this man has to say if you are unenlightened something he never says which is potentially very harmful. Thank you

  4. I've always noticed a pair of cymbals (kartal) placed on the table next to him.. is there any music played at the live session? Must be beautiful to experience if it is..

  5. Im super confused. I am in a relationship where my boyfriend does not understand my love language, and suddenly i meet a guy who does what my boyfriend does not. What do i do in this scenario? 😩😭

  6. Eckhart I do not like your work or the affect it has had on my life. Your books have contributed to a real sense of illness in me and I have been diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder which makes it very hard to live my life. I found tour teachings to be unhealthy and racist. I do not like being connected to your work and as an Author and publisher myself I see that I am threatened because of purchasing your books. I am seriously devastated and will write to your company personally about my loss and the continual insulting feelings of suicidal ideation and regret that your attempting to transmit in your writings. You’re works are very threatening in my opinion. You have harmed the lives of those from Ivy League families.

  7. pure love and i love your video. I just met the man i love and it feels different than anything i had before, imagine its when u had your 2nd partner. its an instant understanding that is not based on a direct physical attraction, its rather on a whole body, mind, spirit and of course both are attracted. its transcendental. we even did not get intimate for 7 dates. and it feels not like anything i had before and i am old and had many partners haha

  8. I normally like his insights, but this just felt like he was going in circles and didn’t really answer the question. But that’s what we have to expect sometimes with new agers I guess.

  9. Life is so much better when not giving thought to such things. I completely abandoned the notion of 'partnering' and all the attendant expectations and I also refuse to contractualize emotions.

  10. you said that there needs to be a balance between the transcendent level and the level of form.
    and then explained what happens if there is too much focus on the level of form.
    but it would help also to explain what happens if there is too much focus on the transcendent level, and not enough attention for the level of form.

  11. While married to a narcissist, I experienced enlightened awareness. Soon afterwards I felt I needed to leave the marriage & be on my own. Unfortunately for myself I stayed & the utopian peaceful experience lasted only several months.
    It's something I'll never forget.
    The details of the experience such as perfect alignment with synchronistic events that occurred very often daily. How quickly each day passed. How each person I was in conversation with, was at ease with me, & i could feel the relaxed air between us which was natural & beautiful, some of them I'd known for years. How information from within would be there instantly as I needed it & this is the supreme intelligence within us all that we're born with & how I naturally saw everyone as my equal & the love for everyone is a peaceful love. Pure acceptance & It's not that I needed to say anything to anyone about it, My energy was non threatening & peaceful & that is real Love.
    If someone had asked me that question that eckhart tried to answer. I would say that it comes naturally because when we're living by our true nature, everything is natural.