How Billionaires Defeat Distraction | Robin Sharma

How Billionaires Defeat Distraction | Robin Sharma

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  1. I have a suggestion – let's fight ennui and boredom by declaring open season on all the billionaires! Shoot them and expropriate their ill gotten wealth. How about it?

  2. This is not a joke. I intentionally avoided buying a smartphone for years until I had no other choice.
    My career and my mental health took a significant deep dive in the following year.
    Its not just social media, people. Its the internet, youtube and everything else.

  3. It’s not my phone. I learn on my phone. My mom broke her neck two times and she drinks. I have to do everything for everyone. I have to watch my mom 247. I love her. If it’s not her it’s something else. Men have it easier! Women have to do all the cooking the cleaning the errands. Being the caregiver, feeding all the animals. Then the animals have special needs. Doing all the shopping. I run all her errands cuz she dos not have a car. When she meets with friends I go. Then my husband can’t shop he makes me do it all. I don’t know what it would be like to have a week to myself. You have no idea until you go through it.

  4. Lemme get Elon's Neural Link, so I can watch these in my head, without being distracted.
    My business involves the internet so I need to be on my phone or computer.