HMS Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier / 3 Thoughts I Have – MasteryTV –

HMS Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier / 3 Thoughts I Have – MasteryTV –

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HMS Queen Elizabeth-class Aircraft Carrier

Cool to see this ship next to mine!

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3 Thoughts I have
1. Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it.
2. For things to change you have to change
3. Save $1,000 each month.

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  1. Technically more than one aircraft can take off at the same time..They will all be vtol aircraft on it so surely there isn't really a limit? One from the jump and how ever many from deck straight upwards? Lol
    The us marines will need to get used to leaving from a ramp in their f35's lol

  2. Got to go onboard their Friget. Awesome lads, they gave us a tour and we exchanged some Navy stuff. They gave me a Beret. They wouldnt let me on board the Carrier but small Bois never disappoint.

  3. The benefit of having ski lifts for carriers is that you can use less of the runway to takeoff and also you can carry more fuel/weapons because it helps to give the jets more of a lift from the deck, so less jets would be able to take off in a short time period but the British jets will be better equipped and will have much better reach as fuel levels will be higher.

  4. Hey brother remember we subscribed to this channel for YOU! We love hearing you talk about what's on your mind.

    I would listen to a video of yours if it had no music, no scenery, just you talking in your room or wherever. I might even prefer that honestly because it's easier to focus. Thanks for posting