Here's What the Top 1% of Businesses Have in Common (and How You Can Be One of Them)

Here's What the Top 1% of Businesses Have in Common (and How You Can Be One of Them)

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  1. Yo Tony if you make this a YOUTUBE series you could make way more MONEY/WEALTH than you would of ever made because all the young people are on Youtube you said it yourself MARKETING think about it i didn't

  2. Thanks Tony this is just what I've been thinking about.. I listened to one of your cd's last night on financial abundance very good. I remeber having a conversation with a woman who said all you have to do is the best job or have the best product and I came out with same McDonalds quote you did.. It is about marketting to large extent. I've been business over twenty years and the Marketting world in the last three to five has gone through massive change with social media. Cheers

  3. Hi, I just checked out your channel in a response to what you've written. I didn't see a video with you on it. Just that alone doesn't allow your personality to shine through. You can use youtube to let people know the artist behind the music. I have to say, thinking about it now, that every artist I listen to I also like as a person. Many are on youtube and post videos that allow me to relate to them as people and I actively search for their music.

  4. Tony, I like what you said about changing the Psychology of your company. We are trying to build a service in an emerging market and I can definitely see us using some of these techniques. Thanks!

  5. quality is coming from the content. having the video buffer in 360p could be a convenience strategy so the load is a lot faster. the higher the quality of the video, the larger the data that needs to be transferred

  6. I heard something different lol that the Japanese do so well because they don’t put so much money into marketing but people love their products and service reason why their businesses grow
    So this is strange and opinion based