Haters Motivational Speech

Haters Motivational Speech

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  1. Hey guys, i have always dreamed to make videos but i was afraid to do so because of what other people would think about me that they would laugh at me. I'll admit that i have huge dreams but i know for sure that nothing and nobody will stop me from achieving them.Since i was like 10yo i used to be like " Oh i wish that one day i could create videos and entertain others , BUT what would others , my "friends" schoolmates think.That they would just laught at me So i never made the first step BUT now at 18 YO i overcome the fear and made the first step i DONT care what will others think about me , i will keep making what i love.I dont care if ill have 5subs im doing what i love and i will keep doing it no matter what getting better and better every day. I know it for sure.I've learned alot of things for the past years , everyone is trying to talk you out that you CAN'T make it , but they are doing it because they are jealous that you will achieve what you want … Yes i dream big but i will chase it no matter what and so should you!

    Thank you so much for reading it all. I have a long story but i don't want to keep you busy. Keep working hard!

  2. Had the most beautiful man in the world all the girls loved him as well made up lies said they were with him but we were always together he never had a phone. I got 10 years of complete shit just so they could see ex pretended to be my mate. We split up over something different but all I did was fall in love now it's happening again I found someone else after 4 years and I don't know who she is but I'm getting stalked!!! Maybe I should walk away from him I don't want any drama in my life

  3. Haters will try to tear you down but remember you have the strength and courage to succeed on attacking your dreams don’t let the haters tournament you or treat you as there punching beg. Haters only do that because they will never succeed on working towards there dreams. Create your path towards your dreams. Yes walking the right path alone is hard but you have strength and courage to walk your path to your destiny alone but remember you will never be alone because along your journey towards your destiny you will make new friends to help you one your journey. You will also have the spirit of the most mighty animals to guid you so start your journey towards your destiny when you get out of bed tomorrow wake up and say I am ready to make this journey towards my destiny right now

  4. Be extremely careful to not be gaslighted this can be really tricky.
    There are a lot of haters, naysayers, trollers… Etc.
    This channel support good people and good values and morals (respect, understanding… Etc.) and this is good.

  5. I know this video is very old, but I have a lot of hate on some of my videos and I decided to search for some motivation against haters. Thanks again Team Fearless, you really have a video for every problem ?