HARD WORK PAYS OFF – Best Motivational Videos EVER for Success, Entrepreneurs and Working Out

HARD WORK PAYS OFF – Best Motivational Videos EVER for Success, Entrepreneurs and Working Out

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HARD WORK PAYS OFF! These are some of the Best Motivational Videos EVER. Nothing worth having comes easy, so put in the work, stop doubting yourself and let’s make it happen!

Sorry for the delay with this weeks video! Ran into some trouble with upload issues but it’s here now!

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Idris Elba
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Hard Work Beats Talent – Team Fearless
Music & Speech by Fearless Motivation

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GooglePlay: https://goo.gl/NciJJS
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Secession Studios – Move Forth

Really Slow Motion – I Remember Now
Really Slow Motion – Light Ahead
Really Slow Motion – Sigma

Buy their music:
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Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/1DqtZSo

►Videos Used:

1. HARD WORK PAYS OFF – Motiversity
(New Video)

2. Hard Work Beats Talent – Team Fearless

3. Your Life Is a Result of Vision and Hard Work – Tom Bilyeu

4. Wake Up & Work Hard At It – Motivation2Study

5. Work Hard – RSD Motivation

6. WORK HARDER – Motivation2Study

6. Execute – Motivationhub by Motiversity

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  1. Lose yourself Eminem song. Could this channel make a video unpon one chance one opportunity hope that helps.
    I don't agree with Eminem on his discions he had it all along. think the hardest work was this song that's the true Eminem. Eminem has put out few of his songs later. I won't listen to his new stuff I don't play any if his new music only if it's postive light. I still wouldnt do what he did for more music or the lable rap god. An the transformation of Taylor swift from a light ❤️ to the dark side of Taylor 🌉🖤. There's video of will Smith saying how he felt about being famous what would make his ❤️ heart go cold dark 🖤 an he wouldn't change anything for being him self. His neice asked the question what it's like to be famous. Cause it is scary an you can be sued so we Need a lawyer.?

  2. Ok that add in between a continuous speech kind of ruined the flow cause i set auto-play on and put my phone aside while listening to speeches while doing my work

  3. Be lazy in the weekend, do what you have to do in the workdays wether if you are up to it or not, motivated or not, bored of it or not. Do it without moaning. Being lazy, or unmotivated is not a handicap so don’t treat it as such.

  4. I work 58 hours a week, and door dash on my day off. I'm 19 going to school to become a CRNA. I needed this today 🙏🏽💯💓💓 to work i go….. With my kick start 🍸

  5. The world screams to focus everything on who you are. Your soul whispers to pour everything into who you could be. Who has your ear?

  6. I worked hard for five years in my company and all I get is assignments upon assignments, while others are getting transfers to their hometown and great positions. So not work hard work smart

  7. You notice how he’s trying to glorify this technology that’s going to be owned by all the corrupt families that have run this world into the Pitts with all there other investments and your investment is an approval to your own enslavement for the illusion of wealth and prosperity, Muppets



  9. My dad told me many things on this video over 20 years ago. It was almost like his ghost was there whispering in my ear. I listened to this video countless times while I was running without shirt in 30 degree weather at 4 am. It helped me begin my journey to get back in shape. Thanks motiversity for your contribution.

  10. It does pay off but there has to be a balance. Gary Vaynerchuk seems to be a rising motivational guru. Now I respect this guy but his advice is to work like a dog. He spent about 14 years from 20 on working fourteen to sixteen hours a day and now is a mega millionaire. My question is this : is that really worth it? This week I am advising to my subscribers which I call "controlled laziness." Because if you want to increase your assets you can learn to invest well and it isn't that hard to manage once you have your strategy. But I'm not a fan of the eighty hour work week. For example, I am a contract physical therapist who can make 100K a year. But if I opened a clinic I could probably double that. And have an extra 30 hours a week running a business. They can have that. And that is my point. You can become successful and still become wealthy with smart investing and not sacrifice your life like Gary V does. You have one spin on earth as far as we know. You want to achieve greatness in all your planes–not just on the time clock. Hope this helps someone out there—Charles.

  11. Some people are too lazy to the hard work,I only achieved success because I sacrificed some things but it pays off,1 must never feel sorry for themselves,get up and stop working on your game