“Hack Your Mornings” | Jim Kwik , Tony Robbins

“Hack Your Mornings” | Jim Kwik , Tony Robbins

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Special Thanks to Jim Kwik!
Check out his amazing content here: https://www.youtube.com/user/kwiklearning
Book “Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain” https://amzn.to/3mvIDq2

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  1. There is a lot of hatred in the comments towards smart gadgets… like it or not, they have been a part of our lives for a long time – then why wouldn't we use them to make our lives easier? Of course, no one prevents you from living a healthy life without them…

  2. Hahaha your page inspire me a lot. I get motivated and inspired. Keep up the good work..
    I don't know theeconomic crisis one needs to have different streams of income📈📉

  3. Shared on Facebook, along with the following message, and thank you for your primordial lifeforce dedication as a conscious media!:

    People have asked me, what I mean when I talk about our 4th industrial revolution/technological singularity. And in this recent video by Be Inspired, which has leading conscious entrepreneurs utilizing some of the technologies within such, gives one a good glimpse into the power of our revolution/evolution. And once enough wake up to what has been supressed by our ruling oligarchies through guises like national security/entropic economic function/corruption. Which for a growing many, and through unbiased expansion of consciousness (highlighted by things like declassification, whistleblowing, follow the money/truther journalism, ect), one knows that we have the technology to both completely heal our stardust temples, and connect with our cosmic ones so to speak. And that we can have a sustainable and thriving function not corrupted/distorted by entropic oligarchies, but truly enlightened leadership using our technological/spiritual potential. And both freed from the tyranny of humanities submission to greed, and people able to follow their dreams/truly have what thousands of our generations have been kept from due to apathetic dissconnection of/to our soul/planet. All (not inhibited by state, church, banking, royal, ect) of our scientific and spiritual understanding show us we are one family and can bring balance to our force, for we are conscious humanoid stardust manifesting our reality in a free will universe! And as I have shared before, their are modalities of healing that are now making their way past what has been supressed, like the plant breaking through concrete for life/light, and complete heal and awaken the temple/soul/our greatest potential. Will stop for now, but enjoy and look further into such as that pointed out in the following badass media 😎🤯👽😇😈👻

  4. Good gadgets for lazy people, because all the successful people are one hundred percent self dependent and don’t need any help. The only help comes from within not any external.