Hack Your Brain & New Technology to Reach Peak Performance with Steven Kotler

Hack Your Brain & New Technology to Reach Peak Performance with Steven Kotler

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This is audio podcast number #448 with Steven Kotler
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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

-About the largest revolution most people have never heard of (happening right now) (1:00)
-What do you mean by “altered states of consciousness”? (1:46)
-The remarkable effects of psychedelic therapy to treat PTSD (12:45)
-In your research, what is the best way you found to tap into these states? (11:50)
Why do we need all these therapy treatments? Why can’t we live and heal without them? (19:12)
-Why we think differently about the government-supported mind-altering substances we already use (20:02)
-What is the most important thing you want people to understand from your research? (22:14)
-How bad we are at training people to be creative (24:15)
-Why the drive for intoxication and mind-altering substances is inside all of us and reflected in nature (25:30)
-Are we capable of accessing these mind-altering states without substances? (27:28)
-The line between using drugs for good and when it goes south (29:38)
-What do you think is missing for people in their lives right now? (31:30)
-What Steven learned about himself working as a professional magician early in his career (35:40)
-The 4 emerging forces in human development (41:00)
-Music’s power to shift consciousness (44:25)
Will people get out of balance by getting addicted to these methods? (This is Christine, my podcast editor asking) (47:26)
-How marketers are using these methods already to sell to us (49:40)

Show notes available here:

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  1. I have polyphasic perception on a lot of problems. I can see things for what they are in the real world. I can read people's faces and decipher my idea of their intent. I'm right pretty often. I had a lot of practice locked up in building 50 for two weeks. It was like a live chat room. Almost like an echo box or Echo chamber where I could hear the responses to my statements to the air. I was speaking indirectly to everybody in the room and only the people that had something to say responded in the first person. It was a lot of good practice to speak only in the first person and understand other humans better. I went downstairs and talk to my brother and he learned that he could buy games from his 3DS. When I get back from my weekend vacation with Loren, I plan on setting it up directly from my bank account for him. Just so he can buy any game he wants. I love my brother Robert giese

  2. I write my own book on the internet. When I was in building 50 I took only the book covers. I have a small collection of the sleeves. I don't have the attention span to read the whole book but I can pick up just the information I need to have a conversation buy only the cover. I just hope the person I'm talking to read the book

  3. I have come back to listen/watch this interview on YouTube and on podcast as well as having full notes on this just because how much I learn something new every time or to even be reassured but it's just amazing..

  4. The best thing which I liked and enjoyed about this video is easy conscious communication, just that 104minutes of how one person listens to the other.. That simple talking and sharing thought's. That's magnificent.
    Best regards from Lithuania (Europe) keep on going .

  5. All my recent videos have been interesting to the point of Ahaaas , but this video explains what all humanity SHOULD be capable of learning to do and WOULD be learning except for this being forbidden! Just WHO benefits when humanity has been dumbed down?