H.E. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: How women will lead us to freedom, justice and peace | TED

H.E. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: How women will lead us to freedom, justice and peace | TED

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“I was the first woman president of an African nation, and I do believe more countries ought to try that,” says H.E. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Nobel laureate and former president of Liberia. Telling the story of how Liberian women helped rebuild their country after years of civil war, Sirleaf discusses why gender equality is essential to peace and prosperity — and shares her plan to uplift a generation of women prepared to take leadership positions and catalyze social change.

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  1. After seeing this video, I have just realized that there is no female Prime minister of India after Indira Gandhi. It makes me feel ashamed. Literally no Female Prime minister after 1984.

  2. The vast majority of men are not in positions of power or influence whether it be in the political or corporate world. This is rich woman talk from someone whose purely in it for themselves.

  3. Anakin said he will bring Freedom, justice and peace….. and result was one the worst tyranical regime in the galaxy… So… Boooooooooooo… u suck. go preach to a dumb audience coz no one her is buying your crap.

  4. I see the 'all genders matter crew' is here to pretend that patriarchy doesn't still run the world and that women don't face sexism all day every day in first and third world countries.

  5. I didn't know who this women was,just been binge-watching ted videos,and this auto-played. Now,i didn't even read the title(i was playing a game on side😁),but when she said i tried to fill my entire cabinet with women, i literally coughed on my drink and spewed out right on my laptop's monitor. After cleaning up i checked the comments expecting ultra-feminists comments supporting her,after reading a few comments tho my faith in humanity restored !!!(i have a bad sinus infection and that incident fucked me up bad😂)

  6. Felt like this video gave me a good impression of what she was saying and the message she was trying to convey… But the comments opened my eyes to her as a person more and now this video just feels irrelevant.

  7. Thank you Ted for providing a forum for us to hear from great thinkers and amazing individuals. I am very thankful to have a chance to hear the thoughts of someone who has travelled such a monumental journey.

  8. Women and freedom, huh? I’m perfectly fine with women and peace, but women and FREEDOM huh? 😐 didn’t even watch the video yet, but just from the comments and the title I know this sum bullshit

  9. The sheer amount of misogynist and sexist comments is horrifying if you don’t think that they are miserable paid keyboard warriors.

  10. Because most of you guys know so little about Liberia's history, politics and the lives of women in Liberia, you think it's okay to be disrespectful to Ellen. She had her own shortcomings as President of Liberia, but she was one of the best!

  11. Be honest and never hate people because of where they were born, but the content of their character. We do not pick the sperms or eggs, that made us, but we are responsible for the type of person we become, and how honest and generous we are to help non beggars help themselves.