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GRIND FOR 100% – Best Study Motivation – MasteryTV

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Grind for 100%! It’s time to give it your best effort, put the distractions aside, focus on your dreams and study hard to achieve your goals! This is a motivational video created to motivate students to study for their exams and do their best in everything they do! Hope it inspires you and you get motivated!

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Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas, PhD, is a critically acclaimed author, World renowned speaker, educator, pastor and Audie Awards Finalist. ET, as he is better known, has taken the world by storm, with his creative style and high-energy messages. His words continue to impact tens of millions of people in several hundred countries across the planet! Through a significant social media presence and his recent domestic and international tours, “ET, The Hip Hop Preacher” has become a global phenomenon!

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  1. I have my final exams from 14 this month and i need to study alot more but idk why i am so unproductive, i spent all day but couldn't even complete one chapter.
    These exams are so important for me bcz i need 90% to get admission in the college.
    Let's grind moree💪

  2. its 11 PM, i have a very hard exman tomorrow and havent studied a thing, i know i effed up but anxiety and distractions wouldn´t let me focus but its time now, even if i dont sleep tonight im getting that A+, wish me luck

  3. Exactly two weeks left for my final exams to enter university. There were many ups and downs..i made a lot of mistakes..but i still gave my best and i can honestly say that i've learned and grown a lot throughout my final school year. Now,just like the legend ET says,it's time to shut everything down,focus and give it 120%. It's time to show everyone who i am…it's time to make it happen…
    P.S. I will come back to this comment after i get my results at the end of August to let you all know how i did🙏❤

  4. The video of Discipline from this challenge I have listened and seen is looking like there is nothing left to say about discipline. I used listened that video most of the time and realized what is the meaning of Disciplined in the way of achieving a goal.
    Thank you so much Motivation2study channel. Make such video for us and keep on help.

  5. these are amazing because sometimes i’m too easy on myself and say that i’ve done enough when i haven’t, or people are too nice with study motivation. but this actually helps, helps me stop pretending i’m doing enough when i’m not! thank you

  6. When you fight and grind for your future, remember that you're not alone, it's okay to ask for help. Don't shut people out, they support you and love you so much, don't forget you are not alone.

  7. there is a time for everything and now is the time to invest in your future as for me I have one month left before I write my finals I😉 have sacrifised a lot and I believe that anyone out there who has dedicated themselves towards their academics YOU WILL MAKE IT do not give up keep grinding and less talking let your actions be the voice of change it is never too late go take take that crown its waiting for you

  8. We can say the good student, is a person who read the books before the exam and learnt the technique that have the exam e.g time and the months. Thanks for you motivation.

  9. I feel motivated watching these videos.. im just kinda hating mah self atm cuz my lazyness just doesnt stop….because it gets repetitive to the point that i still got 20 activities I need to pass tomorrow that also happened to me last semester… it's like I never learn from my mitakess smh

  10. i believe we humans can do the impossibilities we just have to work harder to achieve a part of our dreams. we can do it. and i believe that i can do it and i won’t disappoint myself and my parents. i’m having my exam in a month and i will come back telling everyone.
    i never gave up. and i reached my dream
    and now its your turn. never give up and believe in yourself. because you can do it🥰
    lovee youuu all❤️❤️ and i wish the best of luck for everyone trying their best.
    i just wanna tell you. its just a couple of days, couple of energy, couple of a tiny bit hard and harder work from you.
    then you are going to make your dreams a reality. XOXO TO EVERYONE😚❤️❤️

  11. thank you for this energy! i needed this!
    Im pursuing my youtube career, while being a nurse, studying and following an internship, while working out 3 times a day. And i have to tell you: yes, its possible!
    After 6 days of hard work, i already reached 47 subs 🙂
    Let's grind more! 💪

  12. When it comes to grinding, this is carving something, when this is applied to our uses, this means that we are literally carving ourselves up for an achievement, so it takes courage, effort and damn balls. for grinding, we ought to have a purpose that can keep us moving on, and bravery for us to keep doing so.

  13. Can yall motivate me cause I have 87 units to study for upcoming exam and I don't remember anything that I read please if you have any tips tell me

  14. Define the life mission. Set your goals to achieve that mission by reverse engineering. Get those wheels in motion with proactive action to tick off those goals. Grind grind grind away. Reach the peak with discipline, patience and effort. Enjoy!

  15. My exams(NEET) r also coming up in 1 months time, but still my scores r NOT improving ,that is exactly what is keeping me depressed.
    I am really far away from my dreams …
    But still I will try really hard..