Graham Hancock Explains the Mysteries of Atlantis and Göbekli Tepe

Graham Hancock Explains the Mysteries of Atlantis and Göbekli Tepe

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  1. Just a question 🙋‍♀️ why when everyone refers to Atlantis and Plato and how Antlantis became so arrogant that attacked the whole world no one mentions that Athens stood up and defeated them and later the Atlantians after having lost power they were destroyed?

    Just why? Everything is true but the part about Athens? Why are people so arrogant to overlook Athens?

  2. We now have Gobekli Tepe, which even has some sort of early writing and advanced stone carvings at a time when human kind was supposedly just hunter/gatherers! Was discovered by accident, so how much more remains to be found! Atlantis was real and it will be found one day once excavations are carried out at certain sites. There is far to much evidence of advanced technologies and memories from all over the world leading back into a remote so called mother culture in the past! How much longer can idiotic academics keep sticking to their lies and ignorance concerning the ancient world?

  3. Graham Hancock is a national treasure. He seriously opened my eyes to the venom, bigotry and arrogance of the "academic" community.

  4. So doomsday preppers won’t survive? Do they qualify as hunter gathers or are they more like vultures that eat the the dead? Or are those very few real hunter gathers (defined by anthropologists) going to inherit the earth? Current preppers rely upon tools created by what will be made of the dead civilization while not actually knowing how those tools were made which seems like went on for thought of years after Atlantis and Gobi. See.. Egypt..

    predicting things are gonna suck is easy.. figuring out how to survive and which tribe to join…. Not so easy..

  5. I am really starting to think that there were many advanced civilizations in the past which collapsed due to war, meaning self destruction because that is human nature, and we have to restart again and again. The current modern era that we are living in is just another restart. Also this idea of advanced civilisation teaching hunter gatherers how to farm fits in perfectly with Aryan invasion in India. So, there you have it poor western white supremacist people, you were not the first to build airplanes or spaceships or tv's lol

  6. He is indeed a great discoverer a great story teller of the present times. He brings things to live in his stories and explanations. We have very few people in this world with such abundant knowledge. lets protect them and preserve them from corruptive minds. Stunning work Graham..

  7. The problem is not a lack of skills to survive. It's the fact that currently, there are governments that punish you for doing what is necessary to survive. Many many more people that graham thinks have the skills to survive we just don't employ them. Who wants to go to jail for hunting when you can go to the store.if society collapsed and there was no more government there would be plenty of people that survived, even in a catastrophe… So long as they survive the initial effects.

  8. Plato literally was like "yo atlantis is over here. i know someone who been there yo it was sick!"
    future mankind: hmm..not sure what he is pointing to…hmm..just a made up myth i guess

  9. One thing I will concede is that if most scientists approached their respected fields with this level of out of the box thinking, we would probably of cured cancer by now

  10. With new discoveries we just know that we don't know anything, and no one wants to accept it, mainstream Dogma or so called science is like singing songs and watching skies while a old lady is being robed behind them. Who gave us these matrixes that's the real question, who gave us this knowledge. And if that so called atlantis existed, who gave them the matrix of behavior culture and civilization? Where does our programming start?? No one knows.

  11. Gram Handcock is nothing short of a complete BADASS!!! So intelligent, eloquent and he's not afraid to go too these places too see them in person. Nothing but total love and respect for U Gram Handcock.

  12. We are so arrogant we think we know how old the Universe is, never ceases to amaze me when i hear someone say with full confidence, oh the Universe is 14 billion years or watever.

  13. “Mainstream academic say there is no lost civilization and we know everything about the past” This unsubstantiated and obvious lie is all you need to know about Graham Hancock and his straw-manning of “science”. What an egregious lie to make his audience distrust science and academia.